6291Read: May 20 2010. Author: R.A. Salvatore

After avoiding this series like the plague for so many years, I finally picked it up a few months ago to start reading and have recently finished it in its entirety.

I admit it was better than I expected. I had avoided it for so long because I had no interest in Artemis Entreri, although I did have a fondess for Jarlaxle. I only picked it up because I needed the background info to read Ghost King.

I loved the interaction between the characters throughout the series. We learn more of the backstory of both characters which was the highlight of the series for me as you figure out what really made them tick. Although I admit I am skeptical about the development of Entreri.

Artemis Entreri is supposed to be this heartless, cold, calculating, ruthless assasin, yet throughout the trilogy we see this softening and Artemis developing a heart and a concious. Granted this is mostly due to the malnipulations of Jarlaxle and a magic flute, and not something he willingly undertook.

While I was glad he was becoming more humane, (his inhumanity is what turned me off him to begin with) I wonder if doing something close to a 360 character alteration was best.

I admit the ending was a little flat for me. I mean, Jarlaxle and Artemis have all these adventure, form this dysfunctional yet working friendship, and after everything they go through, Artemis walks away. And instead of following him, Jarlaxle shrugs his shoulders and takes on a new companion to toy with, a dwarf named Athrogate.

While not one of my favorite series, I was still pleasently surprised by it. Great characters, thrilling adventures, and laugh out loud moments, I am ultimately very happy I finally picked up the Sellswords and completed my Salvatore collection.