First in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver, Wolf Brother was read by June 5th 2010.

This is actually a pretty awesome young adult book, first in the self same series.  I actually might continue on with it.

Set back in the days when humanity was just starting out banging two rocks together to make fire, we are introduced to a young child outcast from his clan, living with his father. His father is killed by a bear possessed by a demon, and is sent off into the world to find his people and seek vengeance upon the thing that killed his father.

And of course along the way he befriends a wolf cub and a young girl who become his staunch friends and traveling companions and accompany him on his journey to find three pieces of a sacred spirit puzzle and travel to a sacred mountain to destroy the demon bear. You know, typical young hero stuff.

It comes across as a kind of coming of age story. The character is only twelve years in the beginning of this book, and acts very childish. But as the story progresses we can see him growing at an accelerated pace. He shoulders this burden of destroying the demon bear, as well as the past his father never told him with little complaint and a lot of courage.

For those fans of Micheal and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, you can get the People of the Wolf feeling from this book.

My only complaint is that near the end of the book the wolf cub disappears. He leads the bear away from his friends and supposedly joins up with a traveling wolf pack, leaving the boy and girl behind. I hope he comes back in the next book.

A fantastic book for 9-12, but also one of those books that resonate with and are enjoyed by all ages. I’m interested in seeing how the characters develop in the rest of the series.