62476Dangerous Games is the second in the Forgotten Realms Netheril trilogy by Clayton Emery.  Read by July 17th 2010

So here we have the second installment of the fall of the Netherese empire. We join Sunbright and Candlemas once again, still trying to find a cure for the grain blight that affected them in the first book. They are privy to the fall of a star from the heavens, and while investigating the star are whisked away to the future. They find themselves at the decadent end of the Netherese empire, where the Netheril have become so bloated and corrupt that their cities are rotting from the inside out.

During the course of the book are witness to the final end of the Netherese the insane but brilliant Archmage Karsus of Netheril attempts to chain Mystryl, the goddess of magic herself and first incarnation of Mystra. Mystryl severs the link with Karsus, destroying herself and all magic for a brief time, causing the Netheril floating cities all over Faerun to plummet to the ground, killing all aboard. Before this happens however, Karsus sends Candlemas and Sunbright back to their own time, with Knuckle, a street wise half elf and Sunbright’s lover at their side.

Classic Realms, and I love that we get a bit of a history lesson as to how Mystryl becomes Mystra. Looking forward to the last book in the series. Candlemas still needs to find a cure for the grain blight and Sunbright is still trying to return home to the tundra.