301528Unforgettable Lady is one of J.R. Wards early works when she was writing as Jessica Bird. I read this by July 19th 2010.

Another fine gem from J.R. Ward, from her earlier days writing under the name Jessica Bird. Its a bit more stereotypical than her later Brotherhood books, which I think is perfectly understandable as she was still fairly new to writing with this book.

I don’t mind the stereotype in this one. Two battered souls in love, fighting against one another, denying that they could ever be together. Normally this would turn me off but here the fighting actually makes sense. She’s a debutant from high New York society, he’s a bodyguard for hire. They both have their reputations and their jobs to think about before getting involved with each other which I quite frankly agree with. No man or woman is worth you risking your reputation or job on, especially if they don’t work out, then what are you left with?

Anyway. I loved it. A nice change of pace from her angels and vampires. Looking forward to another early work.