6547188Black Magic Sanction, eighth in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.  I read this by July 22nd 2010.

Another fantastic instalment to the Hollows saga. It reminds me a lot of Jim Butcher’s Changes. Rachel turns to anyone and everyone for help, but everyone turns her down, leaving her to solve things on her own once more.

I was so sad when Matalina dies, but happy that Jenks lives on for Rachel and his kids. So touching and moving. I totally bawled.

I liked that we got more information on the link between demons, witches, and elves. A lot of stuff has been cleared up, but Trent is still a class A jerk.

The ending is kinda weird though. Trent and Rachel seem to make peace, but despite the weirdness I think this is fantastic news. One less person out for her blood.

It’s also sad that she’s still under the black witch ban. I was kinda hoping she’d figure out a way to get it lifted in this one. Guess not.

Nick makes and appearance again. Gets away pretty much scott-free which is another downer point. I was hoping he’d get his butt whupped good and proper. But we can’t have everything can we?

All in all I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one!