Hello hello hello!  Well if you’re here you’re either interested in what I have to say, else bored out of your mind and stumbled upon me whilst wondering the Wide World of Web.  Either way hello and welcome!

I’ve just started up here so not much say at the moment, but I will explain my username as I am sure that is liable to raise a few questions of interest.

I love the Forgotten Realms.  Obessed with it really.  And I’m not kidding on that.  I have almost every single book that has EVER been published since the first book came out about 27 years ago.  Yeah I know I’m a bit scary. 

The Forgotten Realms is a fantasy series, spun off of Dungeons and Dragons.  It’s divided into a multitude of trilogies, series, and individual storylines all by different authors, but all these books by all these different authors are based in the same world.  Same geography, gods, religions, etc.  I think that’s one reason why I am so fascinated with these books, I mean so many different writers working together to flesh out this fantastically creative and imaginative world.  I think its really cool to say the least.

So from reading all these books set in the same world, plus doing offtime research on RealmsWiki (yes it has its own Wiki….AWESOME!) I have aquired a vast knowledge of the Realms.  By no means do I make the claim that I am THE source for all Realms knowledge, but there are few questions that I cannot answer.  So I chose RealmsQueen as my username.  It’s unique, and according to several of my friends, quite accurate.

There you have it folks.  One little tidbit about me, and a glimpse into my crazy, scary world.  I figured this was as good a way as any to get started, and I’m sure a few of you will share my interest and would have found me by doing your own Realms research.

So….yeah.  Hello, welcome, good day, and all that jazz.  Hopefully you come back, and if not thanks for dropping by.