…and on my way home this kinda just came to me.

The Long Walk Home

Feet on the pavement, Thud…Thud…Thud.  Tiny steps at first, then larger.  Birds singing, trees budding, I look around in wonder.  Wind’s a little cool, but I’m nice and warm.  It’s spring.

Back to the pavement, Thump…Thump…Thump.  My footsteps speed up, gotta hurry.  Gotta run.  Green grass, rainbow flowers.  But I don’t see them, I don’t take the time.  The sweat pours off me, it’s summer.

Again the sidewalk, Crunch..Crunch..Crunch.  Dried leaves crunshing under my feet.  Trees on fire with red, yellow and gold.  The birds fly south.  I look a little, but don’t appreciate what I see.  I’m still running, getting tired.  It’s fall.

Follow the path, Scrunch. Scrunch. Scrunch.  Crisp snow under my feet.  Skeletal branches claw the sky.  I’ve slowed down now, getting tired.  I see the snow covered landscape, breathtaking.  I wander, taking my time, taking it in.  It’s beautiful.  I see my destination, I don’t want to go.  But my footsteps take me inside.  Warm, dark, lonely. 

I shut the door behind me.

I’ll never walk again.