So I FINALLY was able to have a wee sit down and watch AMC’s the Walking Dead.  For those unfamiliar with the Walking Dead, or have been living under a rock, The Walking Dead is a fantastic graphic novel series all about survival during the zombie apocalypse.  It is a rather proficient series, and so far I am quite happy that they have turned it into a television series.

So in the series we are introduced to Rick Grimes, a small town deputy sheriff who gets shot while on duty and wakes up a few weeks later from a coma to a world where the living hide from the walking dead.  He manages to escape the hospital he wakes up in, and naturally runs home to look for his wife and son.  Along the way he meets other survivors who fill him in on what’s happening before directing him to a Atlanta where it is supposed to be safe.  Dude even rides a horse for the last leg of the journey.  Of course we all know how that turns out.

I want to say more but I don’t want to spoil whats coming up in the series for those who are more interested in that than the graphic novels, so I’ll let you all find out for yourself how it turns out for our coma free hero.

I like the Walking Dead.  Mind only one episode in I can’t make a final decision on it yet, but I can say right now that it does have promise.  It keeps largely to the original storyline, with a few changes for realism or just to make it look better.  There are a few character changes, (personality wise, not person wise) a line or two I thought would have been nifty if they had kept it in, but all in all rather enjoyable for those who enjoy zombie movies/shows/etc. or anything survival horror.

So if you’re looking for something new on the telly check out The Walking Dead.  It’s on every Sunday night at 10pm on AMC.  If you don’t get AMC then give it a few weeks and try checking around to see if they’re tossing any of the episodes up to watch.

And that horse had potential too.  So much character…*sniff*