Freak on a leash!  Pets can be expensive and surprising! I took my eldest of four cats to the vet today for a post-infection check up.  He was diagnosed with a bladder infection about two weeks ago and after a course of antibiotics, strict diet, and isolation from my three other cats, I took him in for what I thought was going to be a certified clean bill of health.

Turns out the little bugger’s still sick.  He still has a wee infection, though he’s running around like his tail’s on fire so he seems to be feeling fine.  The vet gave me three options:  antibiotics for two weeks again, ($25)  send in the sample he took today for a full culture workup, ($100) or send my little buddy off for x-rays ($180).  You can guess which route I took, especially with today being payday and having paid all my other bills already.  So Belfast’s back on antibiotics for another two weeks, back on the strict diet, and back again to the vet in 14 days where it will be determined if he needs a full blood and culture workup and x-rays.  At least by then it will be payday once more and I should be able to cover it all if needed.

And you know what the crazy thing is?  He could have E-Coli!  Apparently the vet’s been seeing an increase in E-Coli cases among the pets in my area, which is why the vet recommended originally the work up and x-rays. So now I’m even more worried for him and freaking out over what an awful pet-parent I must be if it turns out he has E-Coli.  How in the nine bloody hells does a cat get E-Coli anyway?!? Especially MY cats when they’re indoor, strict cat food diet, and the VERY occasional human food they eat is fully cooked!

And by the by, WTF is going on in my area that the cats and dogs are getting E-Coli?  I think that’s whats got me worried the most here.  Cats and dogs are being affected at a greater rate than normal by E-Coli, but there hasn’t been like an outbreak among humans here, so what on earth is going on?