So I was at work yesterday and sweet mother of mercy what a day it was.  We started a weekend promotion and everyone was coming in to take advantage of it, so natuarally we were very busy.  Normally this is a good thing.  I personally love it when we’re busy because then the day just seems to fly by.  But didn’t everyone have a great big bloody chip on their shoulder and a big ol’ wriggly bug up their butt to boot!  I worked eight hours and did not see a genuine happy customer.  So all day I’m dealing with pissy customers, and I had a few laugh at me too, just for doing my job.  Fun!

Well as it happened I helped to open the store yesterday morning, which I kinda flubbed, and as I was also in charge of the cashiers I was the one who had to pass on the communication properly about the promotion.  Now I thought I knew all the ins and outs of this promo, but apparently I did not.  So of course I passed it on wrong and turns out we had been doing it wrong for most of the day.  I learned this just before I left for the day, so you can imagine how I felt.

So after flubbing the store opening, dealing with pissy and rude customers, plus the realisation I had completely mucked up the promo, I broke.  I closed down my station, and my manager walked me upstairs but got delayed along the way, so I went ahead and let myself break, thinking I had a few minutes before my manager came to help me close down.

Of course I didn’t.

So my manager walks in to me crying, and bless her heart her first thought was that maybe I had hurt myself.  But I told her no, I was crying because I was so dissapointed in myself for that day.  I love my job.  I take great pride in where I work and being able to do my job well.  And normally if I mess up I can take it in stride but some days you just can’t and yesterday was one of them for me.  But my manager was really awesome about it.  Here I am crying my eyes out (thankfully it was just the red-faced teary crying, not the great big blubbering runny nose crying), telling here how much I messed up today, and she basically says to me “Honey calm down.  We all make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world.” 

And then she turns around and in a bid to cheer me up tells me how she had a customer from today call back to complain about one thing she experienced at my store, and to tell my mananager how great I was with her before and after that experience.

So I guess I’m not as big a screw up as I thought I was.  And instead of reprimanding me for the mess ups I did, freaking out over my breakdown or anything else like that, my manager gave me a smile, a pat on the shoulder and told me I to relax, that I was doing great. 

And that’s why I love my job.  For better or worse, good customers or bad, at the end of the day it’s always a great place to be and I work for some really awesome people.