So I went into work tonight, and it was fairly normal.  I work in a rather large bookstore so “normal” for me is getting asked the same question fifty times an hour and directing people behind them to the book that they’re looking for and passed to get to me.  All in all, normal.  Until Him.

Fantasy is my section.  Everyone who works in that store knows to direct any and all fantasy and most science fiction questions to me when I’m there.  I had this one … well we’ll call him “gentleman” for lack of a more apt term that would still be PG… refered to me.  He was looking for – you guessed it – a fantasy book!

This gentleman was in his mid to late twenties, and had the hygiene habits of … dear god I can’t even think of an apt analogy he was that gross.  Every other tooth was literally rotted out of his mouth, you could still see the blackened stumps in his mouth when he talked.  His hands were so black from his apparent fear of soap and water I swore he had gangrene.  Fortunately he must have walked in through a rain shower or doused himself in some odor absorbing something because thankfully he didn’t stink of B.O.

Now I am a very energetic and upbeat person when I am in a good mood, which I was.  I’m also the kind of person to ignore physical flaws like that so long as you are at the least an interesting/nice enough person.  When I was introduced to him he was.  We were talking about fantasy books he was looking for and we had both read, and I was giving him suggestions in my naturally upbeat bright and perky way.  And this guy was no Donald Downer either.  He seemed pretty fun exciting to, until 5 minutes into our interaction.

He had mentioned how he had tried to get to work at my store, but then said to me deadpan

“It’s a good thing I didn’t get the job here because you would annoy the hell out of me.”

And as much as I wanted to smack those last few teeth out of his mouth, my manager was near so I had to settle for shutting down on him and walking away.

I mean, come one!  I am by no means perfect, and I am sure there are people out there who do not like me, but what few consumers realize is that retail personnel are people too, and we deserve to be treated with a little bit more respect than that.  Especially when its coming from this hillbilly reject.

At least I have all my bloody teeth…