Well.  Long time no see peoples.  You know when I started this blog I swore to myself that I would be diligent and keep up with it.  I completely realized that my life is not so interesting that I would have to report in every day of the week, but I was certain that I would still find something of import to say at least once or twice a week.  And here we are, two weeks gone and not a peep from me.  And while I regret that, I also have good reason.

First and foremost.  As we move into December, and closer to the day where people need their Christmas gifts for the next day and no one has it in stock so you spend the night running around the city and getting pissed off at the employees for not having sed item in stock when really you should have gotten all your shopping done before Christmas eve, we retail monkeys are finding our days more and more taken over by our workplace to accommodate Christmas hours and the shoppers that they bring.  Translation:  I have been working a lot these past two weeks and with luck will continue to do so.

Secondly.  I am a very artsy craftsy person.  My medium of choice is cross stitch.  This is where you take a needle and colored thread and you make little X’s on fabric to form a picture.  Now I have dabbled in a little bit of everything, but I found my niche and am quite happy with it.  The only problem is when my friends and family decide to have 2-3 babies and twice as many weddings within 12 months.  When this happens I tend to get a little stressed as I like to make things to commemorate these births and joining of lives and creating of families, and one project will take me on average 1-2 months, if I crack down and do NOTHING else in my free time. Otherwise it would take me 2-3 months.

So when you have 4 projects to do in 6 months, I get a tad bit occupied and cranky.  Now toss Christmas into the mix and I get downright anti sociable.  Especially since I love to torture myself and have decided to challenge myself and create things I have never done before specifically for Christmas gifts.

Let me sum it up for you.  My boyfriend recently became an uncle.  I am finishing up a birth announcement for his niece.  He needs it by Christmas since he will be seeing the new arrival then.  I am making my own Christmas cards this year.  I am making a towel and a bookmark for my boyfriend’s mum, bookmarks for all my coworkers and managers at work, then after that I have another birth announcement to do for a cousin of mine who is due in March/April, a wedding in May/June, and another wedding in June/July.

So I have 23 days to make 1 towel, 1 birth announcement, 6 cards, and 50 bookmarks.

Granted once I get over the hump of Christmas things shouldn’t be too bad, but again that’s only if I spend every waking moment away from work with a needle and thread in my hand.  Never mind finishing the three projects I started before all these babies and weddings.

So I am afraid that while I would love to spend more time with you folks, I may not have that time for a while.  Oh I’ll still pop in with a Hi-How-are-ya every so often, but please don’t look forward to any bright eyed and bushy tailed witticisms and pondering of day to day life for a while as I will be hard pressed not to go on a rampage and stab someone in the eye with my needles as time marches on.

Be brave out there among the Christmas shoppers my friends.  Try not to get trampled.  Or bit.  I hear some of those shoppers have rabies…