So I was finally able to jump on The Tudors bandwagon this weekend, and I must say I am quite happy to be here.  I have had this slight fascination with King Henry VIII for a while now, mostly due to a book series I had read, so as a result I try to read or watch whatever comes across my plate that has to deal with him and his six wives…or him creating a new church…or double dealing the French and Spain each with the other…yeah interesting man this king.

I was able to down the entire first season this weekend and I thought it was fantastic.  It follows history very closely, the characters are engaging, and its fun to watch all the back ally deals going down.  I just wish they had spent a bit more time on Anne Boelyn’s sister Mary.  According to history, Mary Boelyn, while not the first woman King Henry took to his bed under the nose of his wife Queen Catherine of Spain, he did have her for a least a year which to my understanding at that point was the longest affair he had outside of marriage.  I understand that there was nothing really interesting going on historically speaking during this time, but it would have been nice to have her around for more than half an episode.

The ending of the season was a bit of a cliffhanger.  Few things that anyone is working towards in this series gets resolved, so of course we’re going to come back next season wondering what will happen.

Hopefully I can catch up on past seasons quickly so I can actually watch the show on the telly.  If you like The Tudors you might want to check out the book “series” by Phillipa Gregory.  She has several books covering the life of King Henry VIII, his wives, the reign of his two daughters, and now she’s coming out with a prequel trilogy.  Fascinating blend of fact and fiction if you want to check them out.