Testing testing 1 2 3…

Hello out there in the Wide World of Web!  Long time no see!  First let me start off by saying Merry Christmas, Happy new Year, Seasons Greetings, and all that jazz.  Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season with friends and loved ones, and I also hope Santa Claus was good to you all!  I think I did pretty well this year.  No surprise really since Santa had to make up for last year.  I got myself some movies and T.V. seasons I wanted, a new mp3 player to replace the one I lost after having it for EIGHT DAMN YEARS!!! (Can you tell I’m a tad bitter?), a new 360 game from my beau, and a pearl braclet from the boy as well.  (Dammit I can’t help bragging about that one, I think it’s really awesome)

But anyways some of you will be happy to know that I am back.  All the Christmas-y crazyness of work and gifting has passed, and I can return to my regularly scheduled programming.  But I has a sad.  It turns out I have to scrap all those bookmarks I was going to make for my coworkers.  Those little buggers take a long time!  I thought I’d be able to whip each one off in a day or so, but each bloody wee thing takes at least a week!  Times that by 50 and the bookmarks will be ready by next Christmas if I’m lucky.  I was able to do a few, but I’ll have to scrap the rest and just to them as bday gifts when the time rolls around since I have two weddings this summer and a baby.

Speaking of work, it was rather interesting weathering my first holiday season at this store.  For the most part it was just really hectic and crazy.  I averaged about one yelling pissy customer per day, and two really nice and sweet customers per week, and no one went home in body bags which was quite the achievement for me, considering I worked nine days straight.

Yeah that was not intentional.  Over the course of Christmas week and the week before, I essentially had two days off.  I wasn’t scheduled this of course.  But I have massive, elephantine-proportioned availability and everyone came to me to take their shifts over the holiday season.  And as I get bored easily at home and enjoy my job, I took many of those shifts.  And by the time I sat down and actually LOOKED at my schedule and realized I’m logging more hours than humanly possible before committing mass homicide, it was too late to do anything about it.  Lesson to me, hopefully learned: Look before you work.

Oh I had this one really awesome and sweet little old lady over the holidays and I just made her day.  We had a sale going on for two days only after a certain time.  The lady came in on the right day but the wrong time and was going to buy a whole bunch of stuff, like $200 worth to finish her Christmas shopping for her two handicapped boys.  When I told her it wasn’t until later in the day she almost broke down in tears cuz there was no way she would be able to come back.  I told her to finish her shopping and I would see what I could do.  I called my manager, they ok’d it, and I was even able to give her a little something to help her with the purchase.  She came back, I told her what was going on, and this time she did cry she was so happy and touched and she gave me a big hug.  I love customers like that.  And it make me fell so good to make her day and her boys’ Christmases.

Yeah this year was pretty spectacular in more ways than one.  Lots of work, lots of play, and lots of stuff.  This was the year of the DVD for me gift wise, so you’ll probably see a lot of my thoughts on those coming up until the year really gets rolling.  I actually just finished watching G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra tonight.  Not bad.  I’ll kiss n tell all about it later.

As for the New Year, many of you might be wondering what my resolutions for this year are.  I’m honestly not the one to really make resolutions.  I think they’re a good idea theoreticaly, but not practically.  They’re a good idea in that they usually intend to make you a better person, but what happens to you if you don’t meet your goal?  You get down on yourself and that is never usually a good idea.  So normally I don’t make resolutions, but I think I set a reasonable one for myself this year.  Get my ass outta the house more often.

My social life has take quite the nose dive these last two years because I have been out of school and working my pale Irish ass off to get back in, and that does not leave much time for the hangings out of people friends.  But I’m so tired of doing nothing but work and home, home and work, with the bf tossed in there for flavor.  So my goal this year is to get out somewhere other than the weekly get togethers my circle has, at least once a month.  And ironically enough my circle of friends tend to meet twice a week: Sundays and Wednesdays.  And while that’s all well and good, I want to get out and do something a bit more.  It looks like I’m off to a good start for now!  This week the boy and I are heading out for the day, location to remain classified as we’re looking to surprise an old friend.  Then later in the month is a birthday bash down in Toronto that I would give my bf’s left nut to get to as it’s awesome Korean BBQ dinner followed by whatever mischief we can get away with in our respectively drunken and sober states.  Here’s to a new criminal record for the New Year!

Hope I can it on camera…and on the news…