conan-x360-bx-rgbSo the last few weeks have been pretty hum drum.  I’ve just been booting around town, doing my own thing, going to work, and having argumentative adventures with the local transit people (details later) when I happened upon my local Best Buy and found my Game of the Day.

I went out a few days ago with Little Sister #1 to run some errands.  I had to go to Best But to pick up an ink cartridge for my printer and we were going to swing by the local Chapters to spend a giftcard she got for Christmas.  We stop at Best Buy first, I get my cartridge and then I drag my little sister over to the gaming department and proceed to continue her induction to geekhood by discussing the merits and downfalls of the consoles and some of the games.  Needless to say she looked at me like I spontaneously grew a third arm or something.  I’ve done good so far I have to admit.  I’ve gotten her into anime, D&D and the Realms, but it seems that gaming is not for her right now.

We head to the check out and I happen to glance over at a small display they had with games that were currently on their way out of style and therefore out of the store.  And lo and behold what do I see: Conan.  Ten bucks.  I’m just like SOLD! Grabbed it, finished the errands and went home where I cracked it open and began playing.

And I love it.  It is so fun and hilarious!  It’s a hack and slash game, with cool combo moves you can purchase as you gain xp, good graphics, lots of gore, and of course maidens.

I must admit I really like the maidens in the game because they are so funny.  First off they’re practically starkers which is funny enough to begin with.  All they have is this loincloth g-string hung around their hips and that’s it.  I was playing it Friday morning in the living room and my mom was on her laptop when I came across a maiden and saved her.  My mum happens of course to look up at that exact moment and ask me why is she naked.  To which I responded “Mom, it’s Conan.  A better question would be why is she wearing anything.”

And of course I have to save the maidens.  They’re not just CG eye candy, they’re XP too!  But the best thing about them for me are the lines they’re given in the game.  You have the typical “Let me repay you”.  Then there’s “I didn’t know my savior would be so strong.”  But my favourite line, my absolute favorite which is why this is now my Game of the Day is the coupe de grace:  “Crush me with your love!”

First time I heard that I about wet myself I was laughing so hard.  You can tell this game was made for dudes with the loincloth g-stringed womens running around all nekkeds waiting to be saved, but I’m glad they put things like that in so the weirdo chicks like me who dig these manly-man hack-n-slash games can have fun too.

It’s a really easy and fun game to play.  I’ve had it for about a week and I’m almost done.  I’ve only played about 8-10 hours on it and I’m a little over halfway through.  So if anyone’s interested in something new, easy, and quick to toss on the 360, might wanna look into Conan.

Too bad the maidens in Conan aren’t like the prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto.  I can’t crush the maidens with my barbarian love for a health boost…