Ok this time, not my fault.  I’ve wanted to come in and say hi to everyone but my computer’s been in the shop for the past week.  Translation:  It’s at my boyfriend’s place where he and my IT guy friends have been tweaking it.  Seems like I could not access Windows Update which is apparently a bad thing, so they whisked my electronic baby away and we have been seperated for about a week now.  It would only have been a few days but thanks to my beloved cats, (heavy sarcasm on ‘beloved’) my power supply blew and almost killed my boyfriend.  If you have cats folks, be sure to thoroughy clean your computer on a regular basis to avoid it belching smoke and fire and attempting to kill the ones you love.

So most of this week has been waiting for a new power supply and an available boy to hook it back up.  Since then I’ve had limited access to a computer but thankfully it looks like my electronic baby will be coming home tonight.  Yay!

I can hear you all now.  “But what have you been doing this past week without electronic stimuli?” Well lots of things.  Mostly reading, trying to take back my room from that paper and book-binding monstrosity at the foot of my bed.  I’ve been working on Valentine’s gifts for people, I’ve decided to paint stuff this year, get back into and old love and passion.  And I’ve had to go and order some new lenses for my glasses.

Yeah that was the funniest thing that happened to me this week I think.  I went to work for an 8hr closing shift, and I was feeling really warm so I went into the staff washroom to splash some water on my face.  Now the staff waashroom is a large room with a toilet, sink, and wee white bookcase that holds supplies like extra toilet paper, and the top doubles as our paper towel dispenser.  So I put my glasses on the top next to the paper towels, splash water on my face, and reach for some paper towels.  Of course I’m pretty blind without my glasses so what do I do?  I knock the little buggers down.  My heart stopped until I blearily saw them in one piece on the floor so I calmed down and bent to retreive them thinking how lucky I was.  Not so much.

I chipped ly damned lense.  The left one.  There’s a nice sizable half moon chunk missing out of my glasses that from the outside looks like I have a persistant and talented drop of water on my glasses, and from the inside looks like a stain on my soul that I cannot wipe clean.  I went into Wally World where I got my glasses about a year ago and its going to cost me $100 to replace the bloody thing, and it’ll take about a week to come in.  Oh joy.

So my computer blows up, my glasses chip, and my family and I got to play Russian Roulette with my mother’s laptop since mine was down for the count.  Fun week, fun week.  At least my boyfriend and I made up for it yesterday with an unintentional movie marathon.  We watched A Fish Called Wanda and Shawshank Redemption in the morn, and after he left in the afternoon I got to watch Dragon Wars and Prince of Perisa the Sands of Time with the fam.  So Saturday redeemed the week for me.

And with Valentine’s Day looming this weekend, hopefully this coming week will end even better.

And yes I bought more books.  At least they’re series based…