Ladies and gents, even though we are in the butt of winter, the sun is shining warm upon my face, the birds are singing their songs of love and lust, and the angels are buzzing about on their wings hollering “Halleujah!”  at the top of their lungs.  Why you ask?  Because my baby is home safe and sound.

Yes!  At long last I am once more complete.  And no I don’t care if this classifies me as a cyborg.  I got a kickin old school PC game and I plan to celebrate my electronic baby’s return home by schooling Baldur’s Gate at long last.

Yeah my human baby got me the PC Baldur’s Gate 1&2 plus expansions for Vday, which leads me into my Topic of the Day.

Since Vday is a few days away, and I have been hearing many opinions on the validity of this holiday, I felt it only proper to put in my two cents.  Ok it’s going to be about a dollar’s worth but dammit I’ve listened to everyone else grip I wanna be petty and have my turn too.  *pout*

First off, I celebrate Vday.  I enjoy celebrating Vday.  And I’ve heard all the old arguments that its a holiday made by the big gift companies just so they can get your money.  I’ve had managers at work, when I’ve been talking to coworkers and customers about my Vday plans, they’ve come up to me (or us) and said “I can’t believe that you (guys) put so much into this.”  I always shrug and say “I like it.”

See, I understand where everyone’s coming from.  I even agree in large part with it.  Now my question is this:  It is really so bad that we have a day dedicated to telling those people you care about how much you care about them, without the day being steeped in religious origins/dogma/what-have-you’s?  I totally agree that this is a made up holiday, but what’s so bad about it?  It’s not like you have no choice in bending to the corporate will and fill their pockets with your hard earned cash.  You do have a choice.  Instead of buying/spending so-many-hundred-dollars on jewelry, chocolate, etc., do something else.  Make your love dinner.  Go to a movie.  Make your own damn card, or just say, “Hey honey, happy Valentines day.  I love you.”

And I know people will make the arguments about single people and the like.  Well unless you are orphaned and a complete psycho/sociopath, I doubt anyone would have an issue finding someone to appreciate on Vday.  It’s not just for lovers.  I use Vday not only for my S.O, but also for my family and my close friends because lets face it.  In today’s movin n groovin world, we often don’t get the chance to tell these people how much we care and appreciate them, so I think Vday is good for that.

In the beginning I was more than willing to be the ‘corporate tool’ and part with gobs of money on crappy plastic hearts and chocolates for my loved ones, and while I’ll still do that in lots of cases when it comes to cards and stuffies, I substitute other things.  I painted my love one of his favorite characters from a TV show when he was a kid, and tomorrow we’re going to see a movie and do some shopping that we’ve been putting off for a while.  In short we’re just spending the day together.

So I understand when people grip about it being a cash grab holiday.  I agree.  But what I say is it’s only a cash grab holiday if YOU let them grab your cash.

I like Vday.  I think it’s a good idea.  I will continue to celebrate Vday in whichever way I see fit for as long as I desire.  To each their own and all that, but just because people like me like and celebrate Vday doesn’t make us tools, and personally it frustrates me when I’m made to feel like one.

I am going to take my bf on a field trip to Victoria’s Secret before we go and see a gory action flick.  Happy Valentine’s Day one and all!