Ok I don’t know what it is with me and transit people lately but I swear they’re out to get me.  Either that or I just keep catching them on bad days and I’m the one they lock on and set phasers from Stun to Kill.

Yesterday I went out shopping with my mother and sisters, and we were on our way home when we saw our bus pull into the bus stop.  We were on the other side of the road but since it sits at the stop for a few minutes we weren’t worried.  We crossed the street and as we were coming up on the bus, the door closed and it started pulling away.  Of course as soon as the door closes I start running and flapping my arms like a retarded chicked to catch the driver’s attention.  He had pulled like 2 feet away from the stop when he saw me AND STOPPED to let us on.  As soon as I get in he says to me “You see that the bus is moving but you still try and get on?”

Now I got on with a big smile on my face and I was going to say “OMG thanks so much” and so on, but that totally died on my lips when he said that.  I just sighed, muttered whatever, and moved on.  I was tired.  We had been out shopping for about five hours and all I wanted to do was get my family home, so I wasn’t about to snap back and say/do something that would get us kicked off the bus or me arrested.  I may have been in the wrong for flagging him down, but I’ve done it before and it’s been 50/50 on the bus driver’s stopping or not.  He didn’t have to stop.  He could have shook his head at me and kept going.  He could have said something completely different like “I really shouldn’t have stopped but…..”, or better yet he could have said NOTHING and let us go on our merry way.  Jackass.

And a few weeks ago I went downtown on the subway and got into it with the transit people there.  My boyfriend and I wanted a daypass, which the guy didn’t give us.  My boyfriend asked for it, the guy SAID to him, “We don’t sell day passes here”, but after we passed I thought it through and I was like “Wait a sec” so I went back to explain the situation and the dude started yelling at me!  He was like “Why did you go through you should have stopped and said HEY I WANT A PASS” blah blah blah…all while banging HIS OWN damn fists against the glass.  He then asks me “You don’t take the subway often do you?”  I said “No unfortunately I don’t” , to which he replied “Yeah I can tell”

I lost it at that.  I was like “Look, we screwed up but you do not need to take that attitude with me.  You’re going to fix this and I appreciate that but I do not appreciate that tone of voice or that attitude.”

His supervisor came over, they fixed it up, and I thanked the guy and as I was WALKING AWAY I muttered “asshole.”  The supervisor then comes after me and starts lecturing me!  “You’re a lady, there’s no need for such language, I gave him the ok to do that, we didn’t need to, we were doing  a nice thing for you, we have a job to do” blah blah blah.  I was like “I appreciate the help, but what I’m pissed off with is the attitude I got.  It was unessecary and uncalled for and if I want to pissy about the service I got and call him an asshole then that’s what I’ll do.”  And walked away.

Seriously?  You’re going to come out and lecture me.  WTF.  I don’t care who you are or where you work you don’t go after a customer like that.  If I was yelling at the guy and being a bitch from the get go, I would understand b/c my bosses would do that for me.  But I like to think I was quite civil compared to what I could have been and that lecture was completly uncalled for.  He should have just shrugged his shoulders, called me a bitch behind my back and let me go.  Thats what most normal people do, so I don’t know what this guy was on.  I sure as hell don’t want it.