the_eagle_uk_movie_poster_01So I went with the S.O. to see The Eagle over Vday and I have to say it wasn’t bad.  Completely the opposite from what I was expecting, but not bad.

See once upon a time, a long time ago there was a legion of Roman soldiers called the Ninth.  The emperor Hadrian sent them forth into Northern Britain to further conquor, rape, pillage, and broaden the boundaries of the great Roman Empire.  It would have worked too if all 500 men were ever heard from again.

Yupp looks like the legion just kinda up and disappeared off the face of the earth, losing the sacred Roman symbol as well, their eagle standard.  This didn’t please poor old Hadrian who built a wall to separate North and South Britain.  And the Ninth legion was promptly delegated to the annals of history and legend.

Or so the movie cannon goes.  I have found several differing reports in my Wide World of Web searches.

Anywho in accordance with the previews on the telly I had seen I was expecting this movie to be about the Ninth legion itself.  Of course this was not the case but rather it takes place 20 years later when the son of the commander returns to Britain to reclaim his family’s honor through soldiering, but eventually goes off on a quest to find the missing standard, complete with plucky salve-turned-sidekick.

They wander around Britain, encountering many interesting clans of people, and onwards into the depths of a land that few had visited before, and lived to tell the tale.

Long story short, they find the eagle standard and return triumphantly with it to Rome.  And if you see this movie for no other reason, you must see it for the sh*t-eating grins on the faces of our two heroes as they walk off into the sunset together.  Awesome.

Word of warning for those who want to see this movie, take motion sickness pills for the first part.  I have no idea who was manning the camera but it felt more like you were on a moving ship rather than a movie theater for the first hour or so.  Somebody was into the happy juice waaaaayyy too early in the day.

But aside from a literally shaky start, the movie wasn’t too bad.  By no means will it run out and win an Oscar, but I went in for fun, mindless action, and aside from a few plot driving moments, that’s exactly what I got.