So I just recently finished reading this book entitled The Iron Palace, third in The Shadowed Path trilogy by a person writing under the name of Morgan Howell.

I first became aware of Morgan Howell’s works with the Queen of the Orcs trilogy, which by the by, was brilliant.  The books that Howell writes are so vibrant and beautiful!  They both have characters that are so real, and if you are not tearing up at the end of either trilogy, well then my good Philistine you have no heart.

After I had first read all of the Queen of the Orcs trilogy I immediately went out on a hunt for any other Howell books I could get my hands on, and lo and behold I found the Shadowed Path trilogy.  But I also found out something interesting about our dear Morgan Howell.

Now at first I thought Morgan Howell was a guy, because Morgan is a name I usually associate with that gender.  But as I read through the Queen of the Orcs, I had my doubts.  I was thinking more that Howell just had to be a woman, because no man could have written such a heart wrenching love story into their books without first belonging to the Ovaries Only (OO) club.  As I was doing my research, I discovered I was both right and wrong.

Morgan Howell is neither man nor woman.  Rather Morgan Howell is the pseudonym of one William Hubbel, writer of sci-fi/fantasy for several years.  Aside from the Queen of the Orcs and the Shadowed Path (which he ties together flawlessly btw) he also has two other prehistoric time travel books.  Prehistoric time travel being where you travel back into historic times.  At least I like to call it that.

So I was quite surprised to find out that such a writer was indeed an honorary member of the OO club.  Dude’s got his own honorary V-card and everything.  I am totally a fan of his now, and quite impressed at the depth of emotion that Hubel/Howell can summon up in his writing.

Male writers need to do this more I think.  It was surprisingly good.  And I have to wonder as well is it an intentional dearth of emotion to more completely enmesh a fan base or is it legitimately that most male writers are uncomfortable or incapable of emoting so much in their writing compared to their female companions?  I’m pretty sure you can look at the flip side of the coin for female authors.

Just some interesting questions I was pondering after bawling my eyes out at the end of Iron Palace.  Not a lot of books can move me like that, so I take special note of the authors that can and spread them around.  So if you’re looking for a good fantasy read about women changing/saving the world respectively, having their hearts broken and mended whilst fighting for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, look up Morgan Howell.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.