So I have realized that I have not quite been living up to my moniker of Realms Queen and I intend to fix that.  First up on the docket is a complete, up to date list of all Forgotten Realms books that have been published to date.  I was kicking around the interwebs and saw that unless you want to troll through the official Wizards of the Coast website for these books, (and trust me this is not recommended) no one has a complete 100% list.  And no offense WotC people, but you list every single edition of every single book you have ever published in chronological order, so it is rather confusing and hard to maneuver.

But alas and alack, I cannot simply upload the file as a downloadable link, you must copy and past it yourselves onto your computer.  Or just bookmark this page.  Yeah I think that would work better. *grin*

All titles are sorted alphabetically by series, and chronologically within that series.  All books are listed with the associated pocket paperback ISBN to make it easy to buy from Amazon, Ebay, or Indigo.  Multiple ISBNs means multiple editions, usually with the 2nd one being the most recent, but you can pick.

And so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, freaks and geeks of all ages races shapes and sizes.  Here and now I present to you what is quite possibly the most complete and comprehensive guide to any Forgotten Realms books ever published.


Forgotten Realms Novel List

Abolethic Sovereignty Trilogy

Abyssal Plague

  • Sword of the Gods (9780786957392)


Avatar Series

Baldur’s Gate Series

Blades of the Moonshae Trilogy

  • Sword Mage (9780786950225)
  • Corsair (9780786953073)
  • Avenger (978-0786955756)

Chosen of Nendawen Trilogy

  • Fall of High Watch (9780786951437)
  • Hand of the Hunter (9780786956272)


The Cities

Cleric Quintet

Cormyr Saga

Counselors and Kings Trilogy

Dark Elf Trilogy

Double Diamond Triangle Saga

Druidhome Trilogy

The Dungeons

The Elminster Series

The Empires Trilogy

The Empyrean Odyssey Trilogy

The Erevis Cale Trilogy

The Fighters

The Finder’s Stone Trilogy

The Harpers

The Haunted Lands Trilogy

House of Serpents Trilogy

The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy

The Icewind Dale Trilogy

The Knights of Myth Drannor Trilogy

The Lady Penitent Trilogy

The Last Mythal Trilogy

Legacy of the Drow Quintet

Lost Empires

The Lost Gods

The Maztica Trilogy

The Moonshae Trilogy


Netheril Trilogy

Neverwinter Series

  • Gauntlgrym 978-0-7869-5802-3

The Nobles

Paths of Darkness Quintet

Pools Trilogy

The Priests

Return of the Archwizards Trilogy

The Rogues

The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy

The Sellswords Trilogy

Sembia Series

The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy

Shandril’s Saga

Starlight & Shadows Trilogy

Songs & Swords Series

  • Elfshadow (0-7869-1660-5)
  • Elfsong (0-7869-1661-3)
  • Silver Shadows (0-7869-1799-7)
  • Thornhold (9780786918089)
  • The Dream Spheres (9780786913428)

The Threat from the Sea Trilogy

Transitions Trilogy

  • The Orc King (9780786943401)
  • The Pirate King (9780786951444)
  • The Ghost King (9780786954995)

The Twilight Giants Trilogy

The Twilight War Trilogy

War of the Spider Queen Series

The Watercourse Trilogy

Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep Series

The Wilds

The Wizards

The Year of Rogue Dragons Trilogy

Other titles