Since there are so many people raving about HBOs new series A Game of Thrones, I think I’ll jump on the bandwagon too.

For those living under a rock, the TV series Game of Thrones is based off of a book series called a Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R.R. Martin.  A low fantasy series, it takes place in a mythical land called Westeros, and follows several of the high ranking noble families as they play their games of murder and intrigue.  It was supposed to be five books, but has now been extended into seven, with the fifth one only now coming out to print after five years.

I can’t really get too much into the story here, never mind the “spoiler” factor, there is simply too much going on to easily condense here.  Each book tends to focus on three to four characters, rotating chapters and weeks.  For example in the first week we follow Character 1 in Chapter 1, Character 2 in Chapter 2, etc; then in the second week of the timeline it starts all over again.  I say this as some people don’t quite understand and are easily confused by four/five chapters covering the same time period albeit from different viewpoints, so now ye be warned.

I first got into the series about five years ago when the fourth book came out.  And despite it being a hefty book and a dense read at times, I devoured it and salivated for the next few years waiting for the fifth one.

So when they told me HBO was going to make a series based on the book, I was excited as well as apprehensive, as I am sure most SoIF fans will attest to.  We were all so excited, such a fabulous series coming to television!  Joy!  But we were afraid as well.  What if they botched it?  Which of out favorite parts would they leave out, would they get the right actors for the characters?  These fears and I am sure many more plagued the fan base, and I am happy to see that most of them have so far been unfounded.

While I am sure many of the actors are not from the “Dream Cast” that fans came out with, I have yet to see one who poorly plays their character.  All the actors so far are either naturally perfect fits, or studied the characters so well you would never know the difference.  My favorite character in and out of the books is Tyrion Lannister.  He seemed to be the only ‘real’ character in the books, and the actor is doing a fabulous job with him in the show.

Ironically enough I think this is one of the few series that would translate well into television, as most of the books are descriptive of the peoples and scenery around them, the actions and dialogues are sparingly edited and many scenes quote the books word for word, which is kinda nifty if you have the time to pause/play and follow along.

So far Game of Thrones is off to a rocking start.  It looks as if each season will follow one book, so with that in mind I’m not sure how long it will last.  It took five years for Mr. Martin to come out with book five.  He’s got at least two more to go, and if the series remains as popular as it is, he only has another four years to complete the two books.  Here’s hoping.

Never mind the opening credit.  That is mind blowing.