As we gear up for the release of Green Lantern this weekend, my mind ran down the rabbit hole and started thinking about comic book heroes showing up on the big screen and decided to have a wee chat about it.

So I’ve noticed a lot of movies coming out this year based on heroes from our childhood.  Usually there’s only like one or two, but so far this year there are three that I know of for sure and a few more that I suspect are due out this year, but I could be wrong.  Now while I have always been a bit of a tomboy, I admit that I have been neglectful of DC and Marvel as I was growing up, so as a result I rely on my boys to fill me in when I’m clueless or want clarification.  Which is most of the time and bless their little geeky hearts that they haven’t killed me for it yet.

First up on the docket is Thor, released earlier this year and which I was fortunate enough to see with my boys.  This is one instance of comic boot cannon in which I was pretty much completely ignorant.  I knew Thor was an Avenger, but I was thinking GOD Thor, not Powerful-Alien-From-Another-Planet-Adopted-As-A-God Thor.  That was interesting to me, and I loved how they interpreted Asgard and the other Norse ‘gods’ that I had studied in the past.  And I freely admit when it comes to mythology I am a bit of a cannon whore so I pay plenty of attention to detail and they did very well on that end.  The movie itself was not quite what I was expecting.  I was thinking “Hey, Thor.  God of Thunder.  Bad Ass + Tough Guy = Butt load of action.”  Not exactly.  Oh don’t get me wrong there was plenty of action to be had, but it was pretty jokes in there too.  A lot of comedy mixed in there made the movie…well…feel lighter than it would have been.  It was more of a feel-good-after-a-run action movie rather than dear-god-was-that-his-brain action movie, which I understand because of the younger  audience it would draw in but I was still expecting a bit more.  Good all around, just not as expected.

As I mention before The Green Lantern comes out this weekend, and once again me and my testosterone laden pool of friends are off to go see another of our collective childhood heroes brought to life.  Now this one I know a bit of cannon for.  A group ofaliens, mostly dedicated to protecting the universe, all wear these rings which grant them certain powers.  The rings come in different colors, representing different vices and virtues, granting different abilities and so forth.  Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of the day.  Now this movie I am expecting to be a lighthearted action movie because I know Ryan Reynolds usually does the more lighthearted/comedic stuff, and I love his work.  So this one is looking pretty good.

In a few weeks time on Canada Day, the next Transformers movie comes out; Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I have mixed feelings on this one.  On the one hand I grew up watching the Transformers and loved it, I loved the first two movies that came out, but after seeing the trailer for this one I have my doubts.  Honestly it’s nothing I can really put my finger on.  It looks to have more ‘hardcore’ action in it than Green Lantern or Thor which is good, but something about it still seems off for me.  I think one of the things is that Megan Fox won’t be coming back as the leading lady.  And while I like Megan Fox, I am not a huge fan of hers but I am a fan of continuity.  I get it that not all actors and actresses are going to be able to make it back for all sequels as they would have other obligations, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Plus that thing that rips that building apart reminds me a bit too much of that specific line of Japanese ‘happy time’ comics if you get my meaning…

The other hero we can look forward to is Captain America.  Again one I am clueless on cannon for, but one I am looking forward to nonetheless because again it looks like it will be another action movie a little more on the gritty side.  I haven’t seen much in the way of trailers so I’m not sure when it’s due out or even who stars in it, but any movie where human experimentation leads to awesome super hero powers is usually a good bet.  Just look at Wolverine…