mv5bmtmymtg3otm5ml5bml5banbnxkftztcwnzczmjeynq-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_So it’s a bit on the late side but since Transformers is coming out this week, I figured I better get on the Green Lantern ball here.

And although it SHOULD go without saying, I know someone will read this and complain later about spoilers, so this is your official heads up:  Spoilers Ahead

First off, completely as expected.  I was expecting a feel good action movie and that’s what I got.  You know anything with Ryan Reynolds in it isn’t going to be too much on the serious side.

Our local bad boy pilot Hal Jordan is doing his thing, getting into trouble when a purple Green Lantern alien crash lands on Earth after getting into a tousle with a bad ass primal force.  Dying Green Lantern alien tells the ring to find a successor, and it chooses Hal Jordan.  Cue awesome spaceflight to alien Green Lantern home world complete with really good special effects and cool battle training scenes.  All this of course leads up to our new Green Lantern, the first human Green Lantern ever (how’s that for a Guinness World Record?), battling that primal force of Fear Paralax that took down his predecessor to save Earth and hopefully get the girl.  Which of course he does.  The End.  Then the Yellow Ring of Fear is made, and a Green Lantern turns evil.  Insert question mark at The End.

The movie follows along pretty closely with the Green Lantern: Secret Origins graphic novel, with few discrepancies.  Secret Origins is just that, the life and times of Hal Jordan as a child, his family, and the events leading up to his becoming a Green Lantern.  The movie cuts out a lot of the Origins stuff, making little mention of any family except for the dad who was also a pilot and died in a plane crash.  They also play with the cannon a wee tiny bit.

See back in the day this incredibly intelligent race of beings known only as the Guardians in the movie harness the power of Will and create the Green Lanterns to help police and protect the universe.  Later they try and harness the power of Fear, known in cannon as Paralax.  Now in cannon as far as I can tell, Paralax is not a truly sentient force, insofar as it cannot communicate in the way that most sentient being can.  Rather it’s more the sentience of a parasite or plant, knowing what it needs to survive and how to get it.  In the movie they corrupt a Guardian with the yellow power of Fear and turn him into Paralax, the sentient, powerful, soul sucking bad guy of the day which of course Hal Jordan defeats with the green power of Will.

But when Paralax first shows up, Sinestro, de facto leader of the Green Lanterns, confronts the Guardians, who tell him of Paralax’s origins and with their permission he creates the first Yellow Ring of Fear in order to fight fire with fire, or in this case Fear with Fear.  Hal is able to keep the Guardians from implementing the ring in the movie, but alas in the end of both cannon and movie the allure of the Yellow Ring is too much for Sinestro and he becomes the first Yellow Lantern.  Le Sigh.

Paralax is of course helped on Earth buy a super genius human who autopsies the body of the dead Green Lantern alien who is infected with Fear, and becomes infected in turn.  As a result he gains this freaky large head with mind reading and telepathic powers to go along with his massive intelligence.  Apparently when Paralax the force or Paralax the being infect anyone or anything, they inhance that being’s greatest strength, literally and figuratively.  Really strong?  Increase your strength and get a freakishly huge body to go with it.  Above NASA level intelligence?  Get a grossly large bald head with super mind powers.

The only real downfall was the secondary characters.  For example the Fear infected scientist mentioned above.  I really don’t think he was needed.  All he really did was serve as a homing beacon for Paralax on Earth and kill a few people who weren’t really in the way of anything.  And the ‘leading lady’ was pretty forgettable.  She was Hal Jordan’s childhood friend, boss’s daughter, and one love all his life, but I feel like she was just there to fulfill cannon and movie expectations.  She was totally needed for plot, but could have been portrayed better I feel.

All in all I quite enjoyed the movie.  Good special effects, great main characters, good acting, loved the costuming, and it didn’t blow the cannon of the story the smitherins.  Supporting cast could have been done better, but they didn’t really bring the movie down.  Don’t go in expecting Green Lantern to win an Oscer, go in expecting a really well done big screen feel good action movie adaptation of what is quite possibly one of the more fascinating super heroes we have out there and you will not be disappointed.