6767573Fourth in the Supernatural series that is essentially a collection of side stories of the characters on the self named show, this was ready by May 26th 2016.

I discovered the Supernatural books about a year ago, and fell in love with them. I totally admit that they are not literary masterpieces, nor will they go down in history for their characters, story or prose, but they are still wonderful books.

Basically this book, as will all the others, gives us a side story of the Winchester brothers hunting down things that go bump in the night around the events that happen within the television series. This particular installment deals with them destroying the spirit of a Japanese ronin.

When alive, the ronin was approached by a demon and as usual given an offer he was not supposed to be able to refuse. Surprisingly he did, and this caused the demon to rile up some locals against the ronin, leading him to be burned alive, and the demon subsequently enslaving his soul to eventually be used in the Apocolypse. Every twenty years the spirit is summoned by a blood descendant, and eventually come out in the time of the brothers. They of course chase it down and lay the tormented spirit to rest.

What I love most about these books is that they tend to bring you closer to the characters. Because all you see on the show is their actions and reactions, whereas the books let you into their thought processes and feelings. This makes a greater connection than watching them ever could.

This is a fun, easy read for any and all fans of the Winchester brothers. Looking forward to the rest!