I was recently an attendee at Con G in Guelph a few weekends ago, and needless to say I had a blast.  It’s always good fun to mingle with my fellow geeks and freaks, especially when I get my picture taken with my favorite web artist Lar D’Souza, and hang out with con celebs like Dr. Holocaust and the Savage Bandito.  Good times my friends, good times.

The only thing that was a tad bit disturbing was that I saw a LOT of furries out there at Con G.  Not saying anything against furries, not my thing, I was just really surprised to see so many.

What I was really happy to see however was a group of friends cosplaying as several member of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic anime.  And that got me to thinking of my own cosplay for the largest, greatest, and all around baddest anime convention in the world: Anime North.

Now I have attended Anime North for several years, and every year I intend to cosplay, and fail at it because I can never decide who to go as. Being poor I needed to find something cheap that I liked.  Needless to say, not much fit those categories since I failed several years over.

But thanks to MLP:FiM and those Con G cosplayers, I have found the one!

I grew up watching the original My Little Pony show, and playing with the original MLP toys.  It was my favorite show growing up as a wee girl, and so when I heard there was a revamp of the My Little Pony franchise, I was understandably excited.  The funny thing is though, I saw the commercials for the toys long before I saw the show.  I didn’t even realize there was a new MLP show out there when I first saw the toys, I just thought it was nifty that they were bringing back something I loved so much, and not ruining it like they did with Strawberry Shortcake.

So I was a bit late on the MLP:FiM bandwagon, I started watching season 1 when season 2 started.  And while I don’t have the patience to sit and watch it for hours on end, I still quite enjoy the show.

For those who don’t know MLP:FiM, here’s a quick rundown of the characters (and I mean QUICK.  If you want more info, visit the wiki):

Twilight Sparkle: a purple unicorn who can do magic and was sent from the capitol city of Equestria to the sleepy town of Ponyville to research the meaning of friendship.

Spike: Twilight Sparkle’s companion dragonling on her quest to find the meaning of friendship.  Kinda like her spunky sidekick.

Pinkie Pie: a pink pony who loves to bake sweets and is an ADD infused sugar rush on a permanent caffeine high.

Fluttershy: an extremely mild mannered pegasus who rarely speaks above a whisper and tends to the animals in the Ponyville forest.

Rainbow Dash: a loud, boisterous, flashy pegasus who like to do arial tricks and helps take care of the Ponyville weather.

Rarity: a fashion conscious unicorn who designs and makes all the clothing in Ponyville

Apple Jack: a spitfire of a cowgirl pony who tends Sweet Apple Acres, an apple farm, with her big brother MacIntosh, her little sister Apple Blossom, and Granny Smith.  Sense a theme here?

Now while all these characters have their own piece of awesome, I must admit that Apple Jack is my favorite.  She’s brave, fearless, she helps everyone who comes her way, and she’s got a little bit of an attitude to boot.  😉

After much consideration and deliberation, I have finally, once and for all, decided to cosplay as the humanized version of Apple Jack, at least this year for Anime North.  And surprisingly enough, less than 24 hrs after deciding on my costume, I have a good 70% of it, and so far it’s only cost me like $20.  Score!

Granted, her costume isn’t that hard.  Jean/jean shorts, flannel shirt, cowboy hat, something orange like a shirt, and a yellow wig and you’re all set!  But my fledgling adventures into the world of cosplaying has gotten me to thinking about all the other cosplayers and costumes out there.  Again, the only cosplay I have ever really attended has been Anime North, but you see a whole gambit of costumes there.  Everything from a piece of paper taped to a shirt, all the way up to a full body foam/flesh net costume that I’m sure has cost several hundreds of dollars.

I’ve also seen characters from pretty much every large or semi-large anime series, some clearly recognizable, and some a little bit more obscure and harder to identify.  And I don’t think I’ll ever stop being impressed or amazed at the level of creativity and detail that people come up with when designing their costumes.

I know a lot of ‘normal’ people like to give us con-goers (connies) weird looks when they see us running around in costume.  They think we’re freaks, abnormal, we’re wasting our time and our money on stuff we’re never going to use again.

But you know what I see when I look at my fellow connies?

I see a group of people who share a passion for something, all coming together at least one weekend a year to share their passion with each other.

I also see a group of people who are far more innovative and creative than most of the world gives them credit for.

So my fellow connies!  Grab a pencil and paper.  Watch your favorite anime again, take notes, then fire up your sewing machine and get to work on your latest piece that will show the world you are a fan boy/girl and you’re damned proud of it!

We’ve only got 2 months till Anime North people!  Work it!