So last Saturday My mum and I decided to go out to the local Micheal’s craft store to do some shopping.  We do this every so often, and we try to make a ‘day’ of it as the trip usually takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the buses.  1hr to get there, 1hr to get home, and 1-2 hrs shopping, because the Micheal’s craft store that we go to is in a rather large strip mall that has a Wal Mart, an EB Games, and various other little stores that interest us and we pop into whenever we’re there, despite the fact we rarely buy anything.

I had to work till 11am that day, so we were figuring we’d be home around 3pm-ish.  Well it turned into a bit of an adventure where I got attacked by an Indigo bag, a support handle on a bus, I saw parts of Mississauga I had never seen before, and we wound up not getting home till almost 7pm that night.

Needless to say it was a helluva adventure.  Here’s how the day broke down:

At about 4am, I get up and get ready for work.  I don’t start until 7am, but with the weird way my body processes the wake up procedure I go through, I have to get up really freaking early to be anywhere near coherent at work.  Thankfully I don’t work around heavy machinery.

So from 7am to 11am I’m working.  It’s a really short shift, but normal.  Nothing happens at work that leads me to think that today is going to be anything but that: normal.  I had arranged with my mum to meet me after work, so when I get off we do a bit of shopping for my sisters and head over to the Erin Mills Town Centre where we do a bit more shopping, mostly for those $5 & $10 movie deals at HMV.

Anyways, we’re done and are finally ready to head over to Micheal’s to get our crafty shoppings done.  We catch the bus to start our journey at 11:45am.

We take the bus to Medowvale Town Centre where we have to transfer to the bus that will take us to Micheal’s.  And let me go on the record right now as saying I forgot to research the trip before we left since we don’t take this journey very often, but I figured ‘hey, let’s just wait at the same bus stop where I always catch this bus and it should be fine!’  I think you all can see where this is going now, but let us continue.

So we check out the bus times at this stop and see we have a 45min wait till the next one, so we hit up the Timmies inside the mall for some breakfast.

On the way out the mall, it’s gotten windy.  Like, really windy.  The kind that gives any bits and pieces of plastic and paper on the ground a life of it’s own, and the wind had caught an Indigo bag and was blowing it around.

And for those not in the know, Indigo Books and Music Inc. is the umbrella corporation for Chapters, Coles and Indigo.  They’re the big and basically only retail booksellers in Canada, and I just so happen to work at one of their locations.

Anyways, there are these two young gentlemen, about my age, mid/late twenties, standing outside the mall entrance having a smoke, and made a comment on the bag.  My mom and I think nothing of it, and keep walking.

Next thing I know, I glance down at my leg and the freaking Indigo bag is wrapped around it!

So what do I do?  I start jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to get this damned thing off my leg, swearing various obscenities at it and turning all shades of pink, red and purple as my mom and those guys are pissing themselves laughing at me.  And of course the guys had to be cute too…

I finally managed to shake the thing loose, and the wind takes it away, and my mom and I continue on, albeit with me half carrying her because she’s laughing so hard.

Then she just so happens to look back, and the damned bag is following me!  Thankfully we managed to stay ahead of it and make it to our stop without it following us, but that’s only because when we turn around to track it’s progress, it’s gone!

The bloody thing laid in wait to attack me, and then it disappeared!  Fucking stalker ninja Indigo bag.  I called the boyfriend to tell him what had happened, and of course he starts laughing his head off, and then declares I’m the ‘special’ one in the relationship.  Thanks hon.  Heart you too.  Jerk…

Moving on!  At 12:45pm the bus we think we’re supposed to get on. route 44, comes, so mum and I get on it, and travel for about half an hour in the wrong direction and wind up somewhere in Streetsville before I get up the courage to tell the driver I think I’m on the wrong bus.  I tell him where we’re trying to go, and he says ‘Ok, get off here, cross the street, and wait for the bus to take you back to the mall’.

So mum and I do that, and to kill time we walk up the road a bit, window shopping and what not because it’s ANOTHER half hour before this bus comes.  And when it does, it’s the same freaking driver as before! The three of us have a good laugh and we tell him in more detail where we want to go and he tells us the bus we really need, and then he give us bad news.  No matter what we do, we’re going to miss the bus and have about an hour wait.

We are having no luck with bus times today!  So the driver is nice enough to drop us off at a ‘halfway’ point, ironically across the street from the Wal Mart home office, and we wait another 30min for the right bus, and while we’re waiting, that same 44 bus driver passes by us again and waves.  What a nice guy, but damn what a day!

Now normally all this waiting wouldn’t be so bad for me.  I usually have my music, my book, and what not so normally I can entertain myself.  But for one thing it was freaking freezing on Saturday, to the point where it was in like the minus degrees with the wind chill.  Needless to say we were really, really cold.  And secondly I have my mum with me so I’m trying not to be rude and we’re yukking up a storm, eventually calling my sisters whom we had left at home ‘only for a few hours’.  We get them on speaker phone, tell them what’s going on, and listen to their derisive laughter at our expense.  Wonderful siblings I have there.

So finally, at 2:40pm we get on the 38, the right friggin bus we were supposed to get on almost 3hrs ago, and I get whapped in the head.  See on Mississauga buses, some of them have these rubber handles hanging off these support poles for people who are standing to grab onto for support as the bus is moving.  Normally I’m good at avoiding these things, but of course not today.

And at 3pm we FINALLY make it to Micheal’s.  We hit up Micheal’s, have dinner at Wal Mart, pick up a few more movies, and leave to head home.

At which point we see our bus pass us by.  FRACK!

So yet another 45min wait later, at 5pm our bus come to take us home, and it’s the same 38 driver that dropped us off!  I had a strong feeling word got passed around about this mother-daughter team lost in Mississauga because this guy was uber nice to us and was acting like he knew our situation.

So it’s 5pm, mum and I are finally on our way home.  Thankfully, when we pull into Medowvale Town Centre, our connecting bus route 13 is just pulling in so we don’t have another ridiculously long wait to catch it.  Hallelujah!  Almost home!

But what’s this?

There’s a really bad accident on the bus route and the bus needs to take a detour, which turns a 30min bus ride into 45min!


And that’s putting it mildly.  I am a lady after all…


But finally, once and for all, thank Jeebus or Satan or whoever was watching our odyssey that day, Zeus, Odin, Ra, I really don’t care; we finally get home at about 6:30pm.  What was supposed to be a 3hr trip, 4hr on the outside, turned into roughly an 8hr odyssey around Mississauga with most of that waiting out in the freezing cold.  My mum and I couldn’t feel our fingers or toes afterwards, and I think I gave myself first degree burns trying to warm up in the shower later.

I think either the bus stop moved, because that’s what I was basing most of this trip off of, or else I wasn’t paying enough attention to the signs posted because I was actively looking at the maps posted at the stop.  One or the other, take your pick.

Moral of the story, if you don’t make a trip on a bus enough to know it off the back of your hand and blindfolded, for the love of all that is holy: RESEARCH!

At least we missed all the rain that day…