10993282Fan-freaking-tastic.  That’s all I can really say about this.

Lover Reborn in the 10th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, written by Jessica Bird under the pseudonym of J.R. Ward.  Since it is book 10, a general overview of the world can be found here, and complete reading order here.

But lets focus on this one shall we?

Black Dagger Brother Tohrment is the focus of this one.  Way back in book 3 Lover Awakened, Tohrment disappeared from the series until book 6 Lover Enshrined.

The adoptive father of John Matthews, half blood vampire son/reincarnation of a dead Brother Darius, (jury’s still out on that one, for me at least) Tohrment was mated to a female named Wellisandra, and she was killed in a coordinated attack by the Lessers against many vampire families, along with her unborn child in Lover Awakened.

Now, love in this world is damned near permanent.  At least in regards to the Brothers.  So naturally with the death of Wellisandra and their child, Tohrment went kind of bat shit crazy and…well…vaporized.  Months went by with no one knowing where he was, or even if he was alive, until one day in Lover Enshrined he came back, with a fallen angel to boot.

Now Tohrment is not doing well.  He’s essentially as far as we can tell, been living like an animal out in the woods somewhere until the angel finds him and drags his dirty, matted, emancipated butt back home to the rest of the Brothers.  From books 6-9, Tohrment is a ghost, drifting around the mansion where they all live, his body alive, but his soul dead, and going out every night to fight Lessers, despite the fact that he grows weaker by the day because he doesn’t feed from any females.

Lassiter is the name of this angel, and we don’t really get his deal until this book, where we discover that Tohrment’s love for his dead wife and son has them trapped in the vampire version of purgatory, only their souls are slowly eroding the longer they stay there.  The souls will disappear forever if Tohrment doesn’t move on with his life and release them to the Fade, their version of heaven.

So this is Lassiter’s job, as given to him by the Maker.  (Yes, there is a god here folks.  As far as we can tell he’s the father of the Scribe Virgin and the Omega.)  Anyways, Lassiter has to save Wellisandra, the babe, and Tohrment by getting him to move the eff on with his life, and in the end he does so.  With a female Tohrment buried.  Literally.

No’One, born Rhosalynd, turned in the end to Autumn, is Xhex’s mother.  She was raped by a symphath and killed herself shortly after Xhex’s birth.  Tohrment was one of two vampire males to rescue her, and protect her during her pregnancy and birth, and in the end it was Tohrment who dug her grave after she buried his dagger in her gut.

So Rhosalynd goes off into the Fade, and lives with the Scribe Virgin and a race of sacred female vampires called Chosen, and she serves them until she returns to earth to care for her daughter Xhex when she mates John Matthews in book 8, and later care for the Scribe Virgin’s daughter Payne in book 9 when she comes over to the material world for surgery.

No’One, aka Autumn, aka Rhosalynd, has put herself in a servile roll for others for centuries, ever since she killed herself.  I guess she felt it was a justified penance for all she had done and all she had suffered through.  Noble enough in the beginning, but when it turns you into a masochist, not so much.

Needless to say, there is a helluvalotta history between Tohrment and No’One that hallelujah they finally overcome, to live with each other for the rest of their days.  The end.

Well, not quite.

See, around the current love story, we have a wee bit of an insurrection on our hands.  Apparently yet another son of the Bloodletter, a surprisingly complicated soul named Xcor, has crossed over to the ‘New World’ (North America) from the ‘Old Country’ (Europe) with  one thing in mind: take the throne from Wrath.

And aside from a thankfully failed assassination attempt, nothing really gets done on that front in this installment, which only makes sense.  Hard to completely arrange and execute overthrowing an ancient regime in just one year.

Qhuinn and the Chosen Layla take some interesting turns, and we see Layla being set up for a book of her own, with Xcor no less!  At least that’s what it’s looking like here…

Xhex and John Matthews also have some serious issues to work out here.  And at first it really pissed me off what they were going through, because it didn’t look like things would get resolved here, but seems like everything’s on the mend.

Got me to missing some of the characters from earlier books, to the point I want to go back and re read them, but that’s to be expected.  Can’t have a cast of some 12+ characters showing up in every single book.  Too complicated.

I liked how this one was set up.  Every chapter pretty much focused on a different character, and while yes that was frustrating when all you wanted to know was what happens next with Tohrment and Autumn as he names her later, it’s not insufferable as a lot of stuff happens in like every chapter.  It also takes place over the course of one calendar year, and I like the progression of the seasons and time.  Didn’t feel rushed or drawn out.

All in all, LOVED it.  Chafing at the bit for the next one now, and it sucks that I have to wait another year.  Ah well.  At least I have Sherrilyn Kenyon to keep me company until then…

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