She wasn’t always known as Siren.  Once upon a time, longer than she could remember, her name was Sarah Cortal and she was the daughter of an influential politician who had ‘befriended’ a Kindred.


Sarah had known him all her life, ever since she was a little girl and her father could do no wrong.  Maxwell Delacoure.  Mr. Delacoure to his associates, Maxwell to her father, but always Uncle Max to her.

Whenever he came over, he always had a treat for her; a toy, some candy, or as she grew older a few dollars to put in her piggy bank or to go out with her friends.  Uncle Max came over only at nighttime, after the sun went down.  Whenever she questioned him about it, he always replied that he worked ‘long hours’ during the day.  It wasn’t until years later that she learned he was a Kindred, a being neither alive nor dead but trapped between the two worlds.

Her father was a politician on the fast track to becoming congressman, and eventually president and he used every means at his disposal to get there, be it a helping hand or blackmail; and more often than not the two went together.  Her father always got what he wanted, at work, and at home.  He smiled nicely for the cameras when posing with his picture perfect family, and he made damned sure they stayed perfect.

He controlled and dominated his wife and daughter with a voracity that would make any tyrant of old proud.  As a result, her mother turned to the battered housewife’s best friend: wine.  Drowning herself to escape her pain, she ultimately ignored the pain of her daughter.  Whenever there was a problem, it was always “Honey, mommy’s too tired,” or “Mommy’s got a headache,” and once even “Mommy’s too drunk right now sweetheart.”

Sarah proved to be an adept learner as she grew older.  By watching her father both at home and at work, she learned all it means to be a politician: cunning, manipulation, ruthlessness and charm.  And while she loathed her father for his blatant duplicity, she applied the lessons she learned from him well to get whatever she wanted in life.

Since she was a politician’s daughter, she could have anything her heart desired and as a result grew easily bored with each new trinket and toy she obtained.  In an effort to relieve her boredom, Sarah began plying her well learned skills to sources outside her ‘happy’ home.  During the day, Sarah was a bright, cheerful, well adjusted daughter to her two loving and devoted parents.  But at night when the sun went down and her parents slept, Sarah crept out of her house and walked the downtown streets learning what she could from the city’s ‘degenerates’.

She survived the first few months there on pure luck and she knew it.  But instead of dissuading her, she only felt compelled to go deeper, learn more, and become more like those she walked among at night.  Finally, once she felt she had learned all she could from her nocturnal classes, her curiosity, hatred, and thirst for knowledge in all its forms led her to peruse her father’s private study in the darkest hours of the night when he was away or asleep.

What she found among the locked drawers and secret cubbies of the room increased both her anger as well as her hatred, as well as create a sense of grudging respect for the man who had fathered her.

Envelopes, files, lists, both on paper and within his computer, yielded detailed information on her father’s professional life.  Drug dealing, coke parties, prostitution, blackmail; everything a dirty politician could do, her father had done and kept detailed accounts of all of it.  Keeping a door locked and passwords on his computer made him feel secure in the knowledge that he could get away with it all.

But locks could be picked and passwords broken, so ultimately these ‘safeguards’ could not keep her out after her time on the streets.  Sarah looked over all that her father had done, all the people he controlled, all the power he had, and she wanted it for herself.

But how could she get it?  Expose him?  He would only buy off the right people and avenge his lost dignity upon her.  Join him? Her hatred for him ran too deep for that.  So she called the only one she felt she could trust, good old Uncle Max.

She had confessed many things to Uncle Max before and he had always kept her confidence, so she decided to call him and allow him to advise her on what she could do with all that she had learned.  Maxwell listened, and told her that he could help her achieve her goals, but that it would come with a price.  Sarah didn’t care, she was willing to give anything for the power and control she so desired, even her soul.

And so it came to pass that Maxwell took her under his wing, teaching her everything she needed to know about being a Kindred before giving her the Embrace.  Only by becoming one of the Kindred would Sarah find that power that she craved, and though she was willing she venomously refused the Embrace until she had learned all she could about the people that were to become her own.

Maxwell had agreed, for unbeknownst to Sarah, her father was once a good man and an honest politician until Maxwell came into the picture.  It was he who had corrupted her father, and so he found it amusing to be offered the chance to ultimately corrupt the daughter of his unknowing pawn.  It was this fact alone that swayed Maxwell into complying with her wishing and willingly showing her all he could of his world.

And so, one night when the moon and stars hid themselves from the world, Maxwell Embraced Sarah.  And as the mortal Sarah died, the Kindred Siren was born.