So here’s a nice little random story for you folks.

I was at work the other day, and aside from the debit machine and sales terminal conspiring with each other against me, it was a normal day.

At least until I had to do a return.

See, my bookstore sells a lot of things you would expect a bookstore to sell.  Books, of course, plus pens, notepads, notebooks, agendas, e readers, e reader covers, and various other accessories.

We also sell a few things you wouldn’t really expect from a bookstore: candles, blankets, scarves, gourmet teas, yoga supplies, some home decor stuff like plates and teapots, etc.  While books are our primary business, we’re also going into the ‘lifestyle’ direction to compete with the e reader business.  And one other thing we sell is bags.

We sell the usual totes that you use to do your various shoppings, as well as those over the shoulder boulder holder numbers.  And it was one of these that an older woman had purchased while I was on my lunch break.

Not two minutes after her purchase, I came back from lunch and she needed to return the bag.  Turns out the strap was sewn on backwards, causing a permanent twist to it that the customer didn’t like.  So ok, fine no problem.  We’ll do the return, no biggie.  It’s defective so even if it was in crappy condition months after purchasing it, according to our return policy, we would technically still have to return it.

So the lady is going through the bag to make sure she’s taken everything out, and when she opens a zippered section on the front pouch we found something one would never expect to find in a bookstore.


I’ll wait till the screaming stops….

Ok now thankfully they weren’t used, looking back on it now I’m thinking it was returned previously and the first owner forgot they were there, which people do.  They forget things.  However this poor woman is completely mortified and she’s looking at me, and tells me “I swear they’re not mine!”

Now I for one believed her, because I find it very hard for a woman to forget they had something like THAT in a bag they were returning when they had only bought sed bag about five minutes previously.  And yes, it was five minutes, I checked the time on the original receipt.

So I laugh it off, we do the return, and the lady goes on her merry way.  Not the most exciting of work adventures I have had in my life, but one of the more interesting ones.

But then again, there was also that random chocolate bar I found in a box I was receiving…

Moral of the story: Ladies, please take your unmentionables OUT of a bag you are returning, and for all my fellow retail monkeys out there, be careful with your returns.  No matter how long you work at a place, there’s always something there to surprise you.