Ok folks, how many of you had nerdgasms when you heard The Avengers was coming to theater?  Show of hands!

*whispers* One, two, skip a few…

Why you naughty, naughty fan boys.

S’ok, I did too. 😀

And the thing is, I’m not a huge comic book person.  I knew nothing of the Avengers before the movie came out, aside from the movies starring the individuals themselves, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and The Hulk.  Most of my excitement came from the boyfriend.  He’s more into comics than me, and therefore knows more of the cannon than I do.  I’m always double checking my facts with him, and bless his soul he does love to teach me and spread the nerd around.

I loved the Avengers.  Full of action, humor, good actors and awesome characters, it’s the kind of movie you can go into with zero back story and still enjoy it on it’s own merits.  Granted seeing at least the individual movies of the main four I mentioned earlier would help in some aspects, but it’s not required or necessary.

The story here goes that Loki, Thor’s brother from his self titled movie, is alive if not mentally well, and planning on opening a portal to earth to bring on an alien invasion and take over the world.

First he attacks SHEILD, which is essentially a high tech, super secret government research facility into the scientifically weird and volatile.  He steals an outer space energy source, blows up the compound, and he pisses of the director; a one eyed bloke by the name of Nick Fury who just so happens to be played by THE Bad Ass of bad asses, Samuel L. Jackson.

If that’s not enough to make you see this movie, I weep for the species.

Anywho, tricky Nicky here wisely decides that what is left of his organization after Loki’s attack is not enough to get back the outer space energy source that he made off with, and so he puts out a call to a few ‘friends’ to give him a hand.

At first it’s just Captain America, Banner, and Stark as Iron Man in the Avengers, alongside a new character the Black Widow.  Thor joins in later when Loki is captured, and Hawkeye (first introduced in Thor) joins up later after being freed from bad guy clutches.  And they’re not very cooperative in the beginning, a source of frustration and amusement.  But when they join together, hoo boy.  Do not stand in their way.

The words ‘Hulk Smash!’ don’t even being to describe it.

Enjoy folks.