It just dawned on me that I’ve been posting Noble Dead reviews on individual books, without the world overview and decided to rectify that situation today despite the fact that I am still several months/years away from reading the next installment.  Now don’t ask me how I got onto this series, I honestly have no clue.  The only things I know is that I quite enjoy it.

The Noble Dead saga, written by Barb and J.C. Hendee, is fairly long and proliferate.  The first story arc follows the woman Magiere, the half elf Leesil, and their smarter-than-average ‘dog’ chap.  But of course none of this trio are what they appear to be.

As we soon discover, Magiere is actually half human and half vampire.  Her mother was forced to drink an enspelled concotion containing the blood of a unicorn, a dwarf, and elf, a sprite, and a mermaid (esentially).  Once the brew was down the hatch, Magiere’s father raped her mother, and mummy got pregnant with something more than human.  Megiere knows none of this at first, as her ‘brother’ takes her soon after her birth and gives her to a human family to raise.

Leesil is half human, half elf, but he was raised as an assassin.  Of course being the kind hearted soul that he is, he escaped his birthplace, and in his flight stumbled upon Magiere and kinda stuck with her.  And Chap is an elemental Fay born into the body of a majay-hì, elven hounds of a wolf lineage.

So the plot of the first Noble Dead series is essentially Magiere ferreting out the truth of her past, and along the way they discover that an ancient evil that has been forgotten by pretty much everyone and long thought dead, is still alive and kicking, and planning round two of his Conquer The World game.

At the start of the story, the dynamic trio make a reasonable living as con artists, pretending to be ‘vampire-hunters’.  And of course what happened?  The inevitable.  They cross paths with genuine vampires, one form of the Noble Dead and the highest form of the undead in this cannon.  Unwillingly plunged into a dark reality of true undead and forced to look into their own dark fates as well as other personal secrets they kept hidden, the three are soon driven from their home on a quest to learn the truth of their pasts and why they’ve been drawn together.

But does anyone ever really want to face their inner demons?  For our three heroes, it’s no different.  Especially when the answers the seek are bigger than any of them wish to acknowledge.

Of course it doesn’t help when a wandering nobleman named Welstiel Massing who shadows their movements and is always too eager to goad Magiere out of hiding and forcing her onward.  He eventually becomes a vampire himself after Magiere chops off his head, and falls in love with the little sage Wynne that the thee pick up on their travels.  She’s an annoying, naive little thing and the focus of the second series.

At the end, the four companions, Wynne, Magiere, Leesil, and Chap, are forced to part ways.  Wynne returns to her guild to report what she has learned, and the other three head off to hide an ancient weapon that they had come across in their travels.  End series one.

The second series focuses on Wynne and Chane, and we are introduced to little Shade, a two year old majay-hi who also happens to be Chap’s daughter.  And while she has come amazing communication abilities with Wynne, they are no where near on par with what Chap and Wynne have accomplished in the past.  We’re also introduced to the second ‘spiritual’ phase of the Noble Dead when a wraith, a servant of the great evil known only as Beloved, hunts Wynne for it’s own gain.

See, Wynne has returned to her Guild of Sagecraft with dire warnings that this ancient evil is coming back, and things need to be done to keep it from winning since most of the world has forgotten that it even exists.  What do you think her superiors do?  They paint her as a mad woman and keep the whole thing under wraps in an attempt to control the situation, rather than letting the others who know the truth that the war is about to start again, and to start preparing their defenses.  That just makes too much sense.

They take her books and journals, in which she has recorded her travels.  And without these, she has no protection against the lies they spread about her being off her rocker, and she becomes an outcast in the once place she called home.

As much as I dislike the character, I have to admit she’s a plucky wee thing, albeit misguided.  Wynn sets out to recover the texts and her journals in the hope of uncovering why a mythical war of a past age left humanity with an unknown Forgotten History. Those texts Wynne found in the ancient stronghold of a Noble Dead.  While not all written by that one vampire, all were written by long gone Noble Dead from the time of that war, a war which might come again just like she’s been saying all along.

Wynne travels from her land locked hometown of Calm Seatte, to the dwarven capital, to an ancient, forgotten dwarven homeland, and then off to an ancient elven forest before finally being reuinited at the last with Leesil, Magiere, and Chap.

And all the while she’s being hunted by a murderous wrath serving Beloved, and trying to keep her travelling companions: Chane, Shade, and a dwarven Stonewalker from killing each other or giving themselves all away.  Big order for such a small shade.

The third part of the saga has yet to really begin.  Between their World was released earlier this year, and I am really looking forward to reading it as Magiere, Leesil, and Chap come back.

So there we are folks, we’re in the same boat from here on out.  If you want a complete reading order, check me out here.

Enjoy folks.  I know I will.