And so finally I have completed my Neverwinter Nights journey 100%.  Original campaign, expansion, and all mods have finally been conquered once and for all.

Well, at least until I get nostalgic and play it all again.

This is my first time playing any of the mods, and for the first three I was rather disappointed in them, and all for the same reason.

First up on the chopping block is Kingmaker, which despite my dislike for the first three original mods, is my favorite because of the story.

You are thrown into a battle at a keep with a mysterious masked man, and you die in the battle but are brought forth once more to defend sed keep.  You start off with four companions, but after your resurrection, you can only choose two.

And you’re companions are an interesting lot.  You have a fire scarred nymph druid, a were rat rogue, an Azer dwarf tank, and a Rakshasa scorceress.

So you resurrect two other companions, make your way into the keep where you find they’re looking for a new leader and if you like you can throw your hat in the ring, and get votes by completing quests for important people in the keep.

That’s essentially the aim of the mod.  Take over as lord/lady of the keep, or help one of the other two contenders do so.  So whats so wrong with this one?

1.  Quests.  You have several quests you can complete, but you can only do half of them before the game forces you to move on.

2. Companion.  The dwarven companion you have is in love with you and by the end of the mod you can choose to accept or reject him.  This to me is a little much, throwing in a romantic storyline here with no real back story.

3. Cliffhanger ending.  When you are resurrected, you get a sentient sword who along the way you discover is actually the soul of your grandfather, and he tells you about your family history, about how your grandmother is an extra planer creature, but you don’t find out what.  All you know is she has wings.  And as you defeat the bad guy at the end, apparently he randomly turns out to be your brother!  Literally!  And then the story ends.  So you never really figure out what all is going on with your family, and as they made it out to be a really interesting story, it’s kinda disappointing not to see the ending.

And that’s the big thing about the first three mods, they don’t really end.  They’ve got good beginnings, interesting middles, but you’re left hanging in the end which really sucks.

The second mod, Shadow Guard, is little better.  You are the daughter of a magistrate, you run around your city, completing various tasks until it suddently comes under attack.  Your father is killed just before the battle, you’re recruited into a secret society of warriors, and the last image is a ship sailing off into the sunset, presumably with you on it, hunting down the man who destroyed your world.  The end.

At least with this one you could complete all possible quests before moving on with the story.

No real companions here to run around with.  You’re kind of on your own except for this one city guard who pops up every now and again to help you.

And last but not least of the original trinity, Witch’s Wake.

I actually think in ways this was the worst one because the ending makes no sense.

So here you are fighting in some war, for some prince, who dies before your very eyes and leaves you a message to take to some king.  You black out, and come to with next to no memory of anything, and you are told to seek out the Night Hag, and she would help you.

The Night Hag in turn tells you to seek out some stone, and when you find the one who can lead you to it, the game ends after a conversation with the guy and a ghost passing on some sort of message about battlefields being in men’s minds.

Yeah, figure that one out.

No companions again here, and no side quests either.  Find the witch.  Find the dude.  The end.

There are a few more other, smaller mods which I think are the best ones.  They’re basically treasure hunting mods.  Kill baddies, loot treasure, and if you do these smaller mods before the original campaign, you can save your character and pick up some good stuff for the original campaign.  Or sell it all for money.  Whatever works.

So after all these years, all this waiting and anticipation, the Neverwinter Nights mods were for the most part a disappointment.  And for me at least, they all could have been made a helluvalot better by adding a few more minutes of game play to give the stories a proper ending.  Ah well.  I still have the original campaigns and expansions to keep me warm at night.