So in the Sentinel Wars, written by Shannon K. Butcher, we are introduced to three different races, all of whom are descended from another race from another realm of existence who long ago declared themselves the protectors of mankind: The Theronai who are dying, the Sanguinar who feed on Theronai blood and are highly efficient healers (think vampire), and the Slayers who are very elfin and for some reason I still haven’t quite fathomed out are different from the Theronai and are basically executioners, being called in whenever a Theronai is fated to die by his brothers.

Together these three races protect humankind from the Synestryn who in the cannon of modern society can easily be classified as demons and you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

Now as I just said, these ancient guardians are aliens, highly evolved and technologically advanced aliens.  Turns out they created a portal that found earth, and once they found themselves on our little backwater planet, for some reason decided to protect us against their enemies, the Synestryn.

As far as we know, there are three of these guardians; brothers, and princes to boot.  Back in the day they each would take a century or so to live on our planet before returning to their home world and passing on what they experienced before the next brother in the rotation took his place.  So needless to say they ‘mingled’ freely with us and had several babies during their stay.

The series, at least for the first five books, focuses on the Theronai males falling in love and finding their mates, who all so far turn out to have Theronai blood in them because they are descended from one of the three ancient guardians.  Natch.

The thing is with the Theronai, one of their most powerful females cursed all of her sisters unintentionally, to the point where they all kinda became sterile and died off.  There’s a reason for this, but that’s a big plot spoiler so that’s all I’m going to say for now.  Remember that old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions?”  There ya go.  The Theronian version of Glinda the Good Witch, tried saving the one thing most precious to her in all the world, and damn near wiped out her race doing so.  Congrats.

Now each Theronai male has a leafy tree on his chest, kind of like a living tattoo.  The more leaves the tree has, the longer the Theronai has to live.  And once the last leaf falls, the Theronai loses his soul, and must be put down like a rabid dog.  This is where the Slayers come in.  The thing is, all these males have access to this power, and it kinda burns them up from the inside out.  They need to find their mate to live, because while the male access the power, the female channels it and uses it in battle, each female wielding a different form.  One might manifest fire, another lightening, another might be telekinetic, etc.  So in using this power, and siphoning it off of the males, they ensure that their male gets to live a long, bloody, battle filled life.

But there is a twist!

There’s always a twist.

See, the Synestryn are for the most part easily recognizable by their physical appearance.  But some smarter, more twisted versions of the species has come up with a brilliant plan: half breeds.  By interbreeding with human and those few Theronai women that seem to suddenly be cropping up like wildflowers, the Synestryn are able to take on a more human appearance and propagate their race, in a guise that can go virtually undetected.  Bad news for humanity.

If this seems a little bit of a chopped and jumbled explanation, forgive me but it’s given in a very chopped an jumbled way.  A little bit here, a little bit there, and not really in an order that makes any sense, you have to kind of piece it together on your own.  I’ve done the best I can here.

So aside from a few smaller bits and pieces to the series, that’s about it.  We have a few psychic twins who are rescued, one twin who turns evil, and numerous other little odds and sods that make a book interesting, but you’ll have to read those for yourself.

Five books written so far, and with more on the way, The Sentinel Wars, while not living up to my admittedly extremely high expectations, it is still a worthwhile series and I’m glad I picked it up.  If your interested in the reading order, and a list of all her books published as they come, visit me here.

Otherwise, enjoy folks.