11261730I think this is my favorite of the Sentinel Wars series so far.  I think Butcher has really found her stride with this one.

Dying wish is the 6th book in the Sentinel Wars series by Shannon K. Butcher.  For those interested in a world overview, check me out here.

So the Sentinel Wars is all about a race of beings called Theronai trying to defend the world from demons, natch.  They suffered a setback a few centuries ago, and were no longer able to propagate their species.  As a result they have been slowly dying off.

Each book revolves around one male of one of three races: Theronai, Sanguinar, and Slayer falling in love and finding their mate.  And for the male Theronai, it’s a big deal because they will die without a mate.

The Theronai of the day is a man named Ian, who really should have dies centuries ago, but has kept himself alive by sheer force of will, and good thing too.  Because when him and his brothers raided a demon nest, they found Jackie; a woman who has been imprisoned, battered, fed upon, and gold knows what else while in captivity, and thankfully is capable of mating with one of the Theronai males.

What draws these two together in the first place isn’t love.  Ian is a cold hearted S.O.B, and Jackie is so damaged at first from what she had endured that all she wants is to be left alone, so when she’s forced to choose a male, she chooses the one most likely to leave her alone: Ian.

Well you can guess where it goes from here.

I’m a little bit surprised with this one though, despite the fact that I enjoyed it so much.  The love scenes between the two main characters are darker in nature than what Butcher usually writes.  It’s still good, but surprising.

The only thing I don’t like about this series is how in the first book it was stressed how there are no more compatible females left in the world to save the Theronai men, and now they’re multiplying like rabbits ever since.  Each book introduces anywhere from 2-3 compatible females, and here we’re told that Jackie is linked to dozens, if not hundreds of other women around the world.  It seems like you can’t shake a stick without hitting one of these women anymore, and for some reason that bothers me.

But inconsistencies aside, still a good read, and I won’t be stopping the series anytime soon.

Enjoy folks.

Next up: Changeling by Philippa Gregory

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