It’s Sunday folks!  And I’m all out of stories to tell. 😦

Well, at least for now.

So until my creative juices get to flowing again, I’ll be regaling you with adventures from the Writer’s Devotional I started a few months back.

And today we explore the fourteenth day of the Writer’s Devotional I’m working through, and I’m supposed to talk about my relationship with my pets.  Most specifically I was given the prompt “I like animals because…” and I’m supposed to say how my relationships with my pets or animals in general is unique.

As I sit here, trying to write this, I realize that my relationship with my cats or any pet in general can’t really be described as unique, because when you think about it, aren’t all pet relationships like that?  Each pet no matter the species has a different personality that interacts differently with different people, because people themselves have varying personalities.  So every pet/human relationship is unique.  And when they’re all ‘unique’, can they really be called that?

I have four cats.  Belfast, Bullet, Mercury and Maddie.  Belfast like to play fetch with little balls of paper and chirp at my mum for attention.  Bullet is the definition of the term scaredy cat, you look at her the wrong way and she’s off and running.  Mercury has this cry that sounds like he’s lost his best friend no matter what he’s crying for, and Maddie is most likely the world’s biggest lap cat.  You have an empty lap and you’re her new best friend.

And over the years I’ve met other pet parents who’s pets share a combination of the same qualities as mine, so is my relationship with them really that unique?

So then I decided to take that prompt literally, and ask myself why do I like animals.

And the only thing I can think of is that as far as I’m concerned, they are the only truly innocent creatures on this planet.  They have no ulterior motives for what they do, or when they do it.

They eat when they’re hungry.  Drink when they’re thirsty.  If they’re cold, they find shelter.  If they’re hot they find shade.  If they want lovings they go and get it.  Pure and simple, cut and dry.  No other rhyme or reason.

And as pets, they’re the only creatures that give you unconditional love no matter what you do to them.  You could go into any pound across the world today, pick out the most battered, bruised, and abused animal they have, and I bet you dime a dozen they still have nothing but love and affection to give.

And I know this isn’t the case for every animal.  Some animals, like humans, become so angry at the abuse they have suffered that they lash out.  And I know there have been some cases of animals killing for pleasure rather than necessity like humans.  But for the most part animals are basically just like people, only without all the manipulation, vices, and ulterior motives that we come with.

And I know some people are going to make the argument that children are equally innocent, and I come back with not quite so much.  Turn on the news.  Go on Google or Wikipedia, and see what I mean.  You see more cases of human children committing crimes against their own species -even killing other children- than those of animal ‘young’.

Humans are not perfect.  Neither are animals.  But more often than not, they’re a hell of a lot better than we are.