So welcome to day 34 of the Writer’s Devotional.  Today’s challenge it to take a family photo, and write a caption for it using all 5 W’s, strong verbs, short sentences, and is fifty words or less.

I know I’m going to fail on the ‘strong verbs’ part, and prob go over the word count a bit, but this is the picture I keep coming back to over and over again whenever I’m asked to do something like this.  Heads up: it’s the only pic of my family you’ll see on here, and only because it’s almost ten years old.

Caption: A family photo from 2002.  A few months after my mom got out of the hospital from her chemo treatment.  She had cancer.  It was the most important family photo of our lives.  I had hair down to my waist a few days before this picture.  I shaved my head at a cancer fundraiser. I raised money for cancer research, and to support my mum.  She didn’t know.