This is, of course, dedicated to all the ladies and gay men out there.  😀

Ah, Magic Mike.  I was lucky enough to catch Magic Mike opening night a few weeks ago with a gaggle of girlfriends.  And this is indeed a girlfriend kind of movie.

Imagine whatever you think would happen in a stripper movie targeted towards a female audience, and you would probably be right.  Hot guys taking of their clothes in interesting and eye-catching fashion! It stars several rather meduim-to-large known names like Alex Rodriguez, Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, and Olivia Munn.

The story here is about a 30yr old stripper named Mike, stage name Magic Mike.  Now Mike has a plan for his life, but with the economy the way it is, he’s having a hard time getting his dream up and running, and that’s to have his own business making custom furniture from random junk lying around in the streets.  So he strips, does construction work, and has his fingers in numerous other pies (heh) in order to try and raise the capital/credit to get his business up and running.

Along the way he meets another young man, down and out, and takes him under his wing.  Introduces him to the world of stripping, which alas and alack leads into a bit of a downward spiral.

I know, many of you are thinking: Why am I talking about plot when there are mostly-nekked men prancing around?!?

Well, the only reason is that you’re actually interested in what happens to the character after the movie, and I think that says a lot of Channing Tatum’s acting.  The fact that the first scene is him half a turn away from being full frontal, and him being the one that takes his clothes off the most in this movie, does not seem to detract from the connection you make with the character he plays.

But aside from that, there’s really nothing much to say about Magic Mike.  I went into it looking for hot, half nekked mens, and that’s what I got.  The story got a little tired at points, but who really pays attention to that?

The only downfall is that it’s got a crap ending.  Tatum’s character Mike finally kisses the girl you know from the opening credits he’s going to hook up with, and the curtain drops.  The end.  Everyone was just like ‘WTF?’  I think we were all kinda expecting a hot, steamy sex scene, but were sadly disappointed. 😦

And for those interested in getting some questions from the movie answered, no answers for you!  A lot of the story is left up in the air too.

Also, if you’re like me and you’re going mostly for Matthew McConaughey, be prepared to wait.  A long time.  He doesn’t get his scene till almost the end.

But, story problems aside, Magic Mike really is worth it.  At least I think so.  It’s the perfect summer movie: strippers in Miami, and it’s great for groups of girlfriends and couples.  I saw a lot of couples in the theater that night.

Now, I see you straight guys venomously shaking your heads NO! at this one.  Trust me.  Take your girl to see this movie.  As one of my guy friends pointed out afterwards when we were talking about it, the movie does all the work and you get all the benefits.  Don’t say I never did nothing for you…

Enjoy Folks.



Bonus!  Here’s some interesting facts on Magic Mike:

  • It’s based on Channing Tatum’s early life.  Apparently he was a teen male stripper too.
  • Magic Mike had a 93% return rate for female extras.  Apparently in the movie biz most extras in movies never come by more than once or twice, but most of the women used as extras during the stripping scenes came back multiple times.  Hmmm.  I wonder why…]
  • Matthew McConaughey wasn’t supposed to strip in the original script.  Apparently, near the end of filming, the director told McConaughey he could if it felt right for the character to do so right at the end, and he was all like ‘I gotta dance!’
  • When Matthew McConaughey stripped, one of the women apparently almost pulled off the g-string he was wearing.  And trust me, you wish it wasn’t ‘almost’.
  • There were no body doubles used in the movie.  Everything you see, it’s all them.

Don’t ask me where I got these.  I read them on Yahoo!  somewhere.  I’m sure you’ll find them too if you Google them.