Habibi is a literary graphic novel written by Craig Thompson.  Entirely fictional as far as I can tall, and according to the book’s website, is: “a love story and a parable about humanity’s relationship to the natural world that explores such themes as the cultural divide between the first and third worlds, the common heritage of Christianity and Islam.”

Well, it certainly is a love story.  It’s about two child slaves Dodoola and Zam, who live together for several years before being torn apart.

Thankfully, they are reunited in the end, but both have grown and changed in many ways.

Habibi basically chronicles their lives, together and apart.  It is visually stunning, but there is much scripture in it, from both the Quran and the Bible, and some of the context in which these quotes and passages were used was lost on me.

I loved the story and the artwork, but I was thrown too much by the scripture quotes so that took away a lot of it for me unfortunately.

Habibi I think for most people is the kind of book you either love or hate.  It’s hard to find the middle ground like me on this one.  Mostly I think because it draws many parallels between Christianity and Islam, but at the same time often casts Arabic culture in a rather stereotypical and disparaging light.  It’s also highly sexualized in a very negative way.

So take this one as you will ladies and gents.  I suggest you do a bit of your own research into this one before picking it up.  It has some good messages in it, a good story, but there are so many themes going one, many of them controversial, so I think this might bear some more looking into for some people.

For those who give it a shot, I hope you enjoy it.

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12024726Pisces warrior Drake Campbell and his zodiac brethren have driven themselves to the edge. He’d love to take comfort in the arms of the woman he cares for, if only she would lift her emotional barriers to him.

White witch Emerson Carano has more to worry about than the Pisces warrior. Their affair may be red-hot, but she keeps the sexy man at arm’s length to avoid getting hurt. When her estranged brother, Magnus, suddenly reappears—wielding a dangerous dark magic—Emerson has no choice but to ask Drake and his brothers for help.

Long-buried secrets and dangerous alliances will threaten the very foundation of the warriors while striking at the heart of Emerson’s carefully constructed world. Can she put aside her fears to join forces with the only man who can help her—even if her own family must pay a terrible price?