So the latest game to make off with my soul, my sanity, and my time, is a little 2D RPG PC game called Terraria.  Available only online through Steam for about $10, you can buy it, download it and play it online or offline as you prefer.  The only thing is you need to sign up with Steam (essentially an online console) to at least buy it.

Terraria is a game with no goals, not plot, and no rhyme or reason other than what you want of it.  Do you want to create a metropolis of gold and silver?  Go ahead.  Do you want to run around killing everything in your fun little world?  Good luck.  The enemies tend to re spawn.  Or do you want to dissemble every single piece of the map until there’s nothing left?  Do it.  Terraria is what you make of it, and that’s the best thing about it.

The reason why I say its Minecraft in 2D, is because it essentially is.  Minecraft and Terraria operate under the same principles of being whatever you want to make of it, the only difference is that one’s 2D vs 3D, Terraria has more crafting options than Minecraft and the base materials are more diverse in Terraira.  I.e. you can use them in more recipes.

To start off in Terraria, you create your character, choosing the sex and colors of skin, clothes, hair, and eyes.  Then you pick what size of world you want: small, medium, or large.  The maps are random spawns, as is your starting point on the map.  Now each map has an ocean on each end that marks the end of the worlds, 3-6 sky islands where you can find a few higher tiered mineral deposits as well as a few chests of goodies, a section of ‘corrupted’ map where the land is dying and nothing but evil spawns and you have a choice to purify it.  They also have any kind of combination of forest, desert, jungle, and tundra terrain, as well as an underworld with skeletons to fight, and a hell below that which comes complete with demons.

When you spawn in your world, you need to make a shelter fast, because when night falls you’ll be beset by zombies and flying demon eyes.  Night times are the best times to dig for minerals for armor and weapons, while the daytime is the best time to explore your land and gather materials like wood, mushrooms for health, and gels for torches.

And that’s basically all you do for the most part.  Mine, gather, build, expand, and rescue NPCs around your world to give you access or a wider variety of materials to purchase like weapons, clothes, and the materials to make traps.  So just keep on like that until you fulfill certain conditions to do certain things, such as fighting a goblin army, a wall of flesh, a necrotic worm creature called the Eater of Worlds, and of course the Eye of Cuthulu.

After that, just have at it until you’ve done whatever you’ve decided you wanted to do in Terraria.  Just play around and have fun with it and all will be well.

Oh, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to visit the Terraria wiki.

Enjoy folks.