While I didn’t get the chance to see this on opening night, I nonetheless was able to see it within the first week.

The Dark Night Rises is the third and final installment of the current Batman movie incarnation starring Christian Bale as Batman, with Anne Hathaway guest starring in this one as the mysterious and elusive Catwoman.  Tom Hardy is entered into the franchise as the nemesis of the hour Bane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt comes into the scene as the perfect set up for Robin, with returning stars Gary Oldman as police commissioner Gordan and Micheal Caine as Alfred.

First and foremost, I have been hearing a lot of flack about this latest installment.  And honestly, that’s all I’ve heard about it.  I tend not to listen to reviews beyond general consensus status.  I.e: more people say it’s good over bad or vice versa.  I try not to get bogged down in details for spoiling my own experience.

But I don’t think the obvious faults this movie has lends itself to an unsatisfactory experience.  I thought it was a fantastic way to end this incarnation, with one helluva plot twist near the end.  Lots of things went boom, the hero won at the end, and there were some real tearjerker moments so for me it was a win.  But I can see where people would give it a thumbs down.

So here’s the bad news for the movie as I see it:

1.  Bane’s face mask makes it a little hard to understand what he’s saying, especially if you’re someone like me who’s half reliant on lip-reading to understand what people are saying.

2.  It is a slow start, most of the action in the beginning is sans-Batman, and *spoiler here* when Batman does get in on the action, he’s a bit of an emo whiner.

3.  Cat Woman had no back story in this one.  I know this might seem a little bit of an odd complaint, but stay with me here.  She appears, does her thing with a cohort, cohort disappears, and Cat Woman rides off into the sunset.  I actually really liked the character, I thought it was well played, but there was no reason behind it.  Why did Selena Kyle become Cat Woman?  What’s her connection with that blonde she’s associating with for most of the movie?  And where does the blonde associate go when Cat Woman has the inevitable change of heart and helps Batman?

4.  The other thing is in the first half of the movie, Bane kicks Batman’s ass.  Then the tables are turned suddenly, Batman’s winning, and then it’s not even him that takes Bane out!  Dude!  Seriously?  All that and it’s not even Batman that wins against Bane?!?

So yeah, those were the ‘big’ things that brought down the movie for me.  I still enjoyed it greatly, it ties in really well with the first movie, and I would have no problems seeing it again, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if not for these things.

Well, that and the fact that before I saw the movie I was already hearing rumors of another revamp.  I mean, really?  Let this one die in box office first before you start tossing that around.

Ah well.  I hope you enjoy folks.