So here’s a pet story I’ve been sitting on for a while now, and I’ve decided to share it today because it seems like the kind of day to share something sweet and happy.

I live in a townhouse complex in the heart of suburbia Mississauga, and my house backs onto a wee forest that the city has saved for green space.  Typical right?  Cities are all about the green spaces lately, and I’m all for it.  Imagine my surprise however, when I discovered people use it as a dumping ground for their pets.

Last summer, I was sitting at home, alone, in my PJs, enjoying a much deserved day off.  When lo and behold, my mother gives me a call.

“There are kittens in the forest!” she says.

If you haven’t guess it by now, we’re a cat family.  Always have been, always will be.  So as soon as I hear this, I tell my mum to stay where she was with them, and I’d be right there.  Scrambling around the house I threw on some pants, grabbed a random cardboard box, and rushed out to meet her.  And sure enough, at the end of a path, beneath a big oak tree (poetic ain’t it?) were these two kittens, who couldn’t have been more than six months old.  A silver tabby male, and a pure black female.  They showed no fear of me or my mother, they were very clean despite being outdoors, and when I picked up the wee girl she curled right up into me and started purring like she had known me all my life.

Well didn’t my heart just break.  Someone had decided they didn’t want these little guys anymore, and just dumped them in the forest.  I was so sad, and so pissed off, I told my mum exactly what we were going to do with them.  I was going to take them home, set them up in my room, and we were going to care for them for a few days before finding them homes or sending them off to the local animal rescue services.

And that’s just what we did.  We wound up naming the little grey one Zeus, and the little black one Mitzy, and we took care of them for a weekend, trying to see if anyone we knew would be willing to take the pair.  We were insistent on keeping them together as I had a strong suspicion they were litter mates.  It’s just too much of a coincidence that these two kittens, not old enough to be outdoor cats, would just so happen to curl up together under the same tree.  I think someone’s cat had a litter, and couldn’t find homes for these two so they just got dumped practically in our backyard.

And all honesty, we didn’t really try and find the owner either.  We kept an eye out for ads looking for the little ones, but didn’t place anything.  I know someone will get their knickers in a twist over that, but look at this logically.  The kittens were found in the middle of a small forest, with no easy access to houses they may have escaped from.  They were found together, so if they were litter mates like I suspect, what are the odds that both of them escaped at the same time, and wound up at the same place together?  And they were too young to be outdoor cats.  So we cared for them and tried to find them a good home

Alas and alack, we did not, so we called Animal Rescue.  They came in, picked the two up, and away they went to the shelter.  We called a few days later to check in on them, and they had been adopted!  As a team!  And they kept the names that we had given them which I thought was pretty cool.

Zeus and Mitzy mark the fourth and fifth cat respectively that my family has found and rescued in the ten years we’ve been living in my complex.  And if I have my way, we’ll be saving many more.