Ahhhh Fable 3.  What, really, can I say about this one that I haven’t said before when reviewing Fable 1 & 2?

Well, I’ll give it my best shot.

Fable III ties in better to Fable II than II did to I, if that makes any sense.  Between Fable I & II, there are several hundred years that pass, and your character is the first Hero that the land of Albion has seen for a very long time.  So it doesn’t really tie into Fable I aside from the fact that you find the old Hero Guild where you get some of your early training out of the way, you visit the sunken, decrepit ruins of your home from Fable I, and somehow the blind seer Theresa, your sister from the first Fable, is still alive after like 600 years, and is guiding your character on their journey.

Fable III has a better tie into it’s predecessor I think.  In this one, your character is actually the youngest child of your character from Fable II, and we discover early on that you are a Hero much like your parent.  And the world of Albion has grown up greatly in the one generation that has passed, with Albion coming into its Industrial Revolution, with all the trials and tribulations that accompany it.  Poor wages, child labor, and dirty, dingy cities that pollute the land around it.

Your parent died several years ago, leaving your older brother Logan to rule Albion, and your brother seems to have gone mad, becoming a mad, tyrannical despot who of course, you must overthrow for the good of the country.  Enter main villain and plot of the story!

But of course, in order to win the day over your dastardly brother, you must unlock the Hero blood in your veins, and this is where Theresa comes in.  Again.  And I must admit she looks pretty good for a woman over…what…700 years old now?  Anyways, she introduces you to the Road to Rule, which you visit after the completion of every main quest.

And you can’t start a revolution without allies, so with each ally you collect, you visit the Road to Rule, and advance along it a little bit.  You level up much like you did in the first two games, in that you collect skill points and purchase advancements in whatever you want, but you can only find these advancements and upgrades on the Road to Rule.

So you have to raise an army, overthrow your brother, and once you are the ruler of Albion, you discover that your brother was only doing what he felt was best to save the kingdom against a darkness that was threatening it.  And now you have the choice of being a good ruler or a tyrannical one like your brother, as well as what exactly you are going to do to gird your kingdom against the advancement of the Crawler, a creature of darkness determined to bring Albion down.

And that’s the story of Fable III.  Your decisions have the same moral consequences as in Fable II making you good or evil, the combat is pretty much the same in that you have the choice between will/magic, skill/ranged, and strength/melee when fighting, and the skill points you get when fighting can also go towards purchasing expressions and jobs in Fable III.

The only other thing of note is your Sanctuary, which your parent left to you.  Its the place you go to in order to save your game, see your stats, and it’s also where your character keeps all their money, equipment, clothes, and what not.

You can also access the online store through your Sanctuary and buy some nifty expansion packs like a potion that can change the breed of your dog at your whim, as well as new colors to dye your clothes to personalize them, and weapons that you can’t really find anywhere else.

So nothing really new or exciting about Fable III.  It runs pretty much along the same lines as Fable I and II in that the mechanics of combat, real estate, and economy haven’t really changes.  The most unique thing about each one is the plot of the game, and I for one am interested in seeing where Fable IV takes us.

Enjoy folks.