9519912Naamah’s Blessing is the third installment of the Moirin Trilogy, but hopefully not the last we’ll see of Jacqueline Carey and Terre D’Ange.  For a complete back story, check me out here.

But anyways, Naamah’s Blessing is my favorite of the Trilogy, and I’m a little sad to see it end.

Here Moirin and her husband Bao set out to a new, uncharted land that has been discovered across the ocean and named Terra Nova (think Columbus and the New World here) in order to bring full circle events that were started in Naamah’s Kiss.

Moirin has returned to Terre D’Ange, and has been introduced to Desiree, the daughter of her beloved Queen Jehanne and made her oath sworn protector.  But Desiree is not the only royal child in this story.  Her father King Daniel has an elder son by his first wife, Prince Theirry, and the prince has launched an expedition to Terra Nova accompanied by Raphael, the healer who blackmailed Moirin into almost releasing a demon unto the world.

So from the outside, it looks like Moirin and Bao’s traveling days are over, but as they say frequently throughout the book, the gods use their chosen hard, and the pair know that their destiny is far from over.

And soon enough their time comes to move on.  Word arrives that prince Theirry dissapeared in the jungles of Terra Nova and is presumed dead.  Overwhelmed by the death of both his wives and now his son, King Daniel kills himself and leaves Desiree to the mercy of those more interested in power than her well being.  But Moirin knows something few others do.  Prince Theirry is alive.  and so as part of her oath sworn duty, Moirin sets sail once more, this time to Terra Nova to find prince Theirry, bring him home, and end her unfinished business with Raphael once and for all.

On their travels together into the jungles of Terra Nova, they come across many new friends, a few new enemies, an apathetic plot to doom the prince to failure in his endeavor, and Naamah herself pressing Moirin into her service as repayment for all the blessings she had been showered with until that point.

That was a hard scene for me.  See in Terra Nova, the Aragonians (think Spain) have begun settling and trading with the locals (think Inca/Mayan).  The emperor has caught wind of Moirin coming to speak with him about the prince and sends an escort to the local garrison for her.  Well the Aragonians don’t look too kindly on D’Angelines and their free loving ways, and assume that Moirin is being presented to the emperor as a gift and a means for Terre D’Ange to get a let up on trade agreements.  The show their obvious disgust with this assumed plan in full view of the emperors people, giving offense that while it’s fine and dandy for these invaders to avail themselves on the local women, the thought of the local men laying with one of their white women sends them into fits of disgust and fury.

If I were the emperor, I’d be pissed too.

As a result, the emperor tells Moirin that if she sleeps with him as an apology for the offense he was given, he would fund their expedition.  Now in all fairness Moirin did not want this.  She’s happily married to Bao and does not want to dishonor him.  But up until that point Naamah had blessed Moirin with many gifts of love and desire and never asked anything in return until that moment.  For whatever her reason, Naamah willed that Moirin lie with the emperor, and so she did.

Like I said, that was hard for me.  It broke my heart that because of the medieval equivalent of dumb ass frat boys Moirin had to dishonor and forsake her husband to fix a problem she didn’t create in order to complete a quest to save the world.  Again.

And in the end, Moirin finally gets to go home to Alba to see her mother again, and her life at last is able to come full circle with Bao.

But aside from that one part, there is nothing else ‘bad’ I can say about this book.  It was a wonderful end to a beautiful trilogy, and like I said I hope it’s not the last we see of Jacqueline Carey and Terre D’Ange.

And I think no matter how far this series goes, Moirin’s trilogy in it will always bee my favorite.

Enjoy folks.

Coming up: Once Burned by Jeanine Frost

7039218She’s a mortal with dark powers…

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He’s the Prince of Night…

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