So one of my fav urban paranormal vampire romances out there is the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost.  I became interested in the series because it was something I hadn’t seen before: a human/vamp half breed that knew exactly what she was and turned into a self proclaimed vampire vigilante to seek vengeance on the wrongs vampires dealt her family.  I picked it up and became completely enamored of the main character Cat, and her male counterpart Bones.  They had great chemistry, I liked the characters, and the plot lines as the series continued remained interesting and intriguing.

I’ve got a complete reading list here if you’re interested.

Now the latest in the Night Huntress franchise is Once Burned which actually starts off a new series called Night Prince and features a character introduced in the Night Huntress.  Now you don’t necessarily need to read the Night Huntress books before Once Burned, but it’s never a bad idea.  And if you want to try out Once Burned without reading the rest of the series, well that’s what we’re here for isn’t it?  A brief overview off the series to date to whet your interest or else give you enough back story so you can jump right into the latest installment.

Lets get started shall we?

Halfway to the Grave:  Here we’re introduced to half-vampire Catherine Crawfield who’s hobbies include reading, cats, and hunting down the undead, specifically vampires.  See, Cat’s daddy is/was a vampire who raped Cat’s mom, got her pregnant, and essentially ruined her life.  Now Cat’s all grown up and looking for vengeance.  But then she’s caught by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced to partner with him in exchange for finding her father.  Because teaming up with a sexy, charming vampire with a British accent never leads to anything more than simple training and vengeance.  Enter a group who want Bones dead…well…deader, and by extension Cat, and you’ve got book 1.

One Foot in the Grave: So!  Lots has happened and now Cat’s a Special Agent for a secret government group that hunts down and kills supernatural creatures, and she’s left Bones behind after falling in love with him.  Yeah, like that’s never going to backfire.  Anyways, Cat is making full use of everything Bones taught her, but when she’s the target of assassination, she has to drag her undead ass-kicking little butt back to the vampire she’s left behind in the hopes that he’ll help her after she hurt him, and let her go again once she’s safe.  But of course Bones, being male and vampire, has no intention of letting her go again.

At Grave’s End: So Cat and Bones have kissed and made up, she’s still working for the secret government cabal, and all is right with the world.  Well, at least until Cat’s cover is blown and her and her mother are placed in terrbiel danger.  Cue old flame of Bones entering the picture and her determination to end Bones for once and for all and things get interesting.  Cat need to make the choice here of staying a half breed or turning full blood in order to keep everyone she loves alive…ish…

Destined for an Early Grave: HA!  Fooled ya!  Cat’s not a vampire, but she has made peace with that side of herself. But on the bright side Cat and Bones are married now!  Time for a honeymoon!  Oh, wait a sec.  They can’t get married, because there’s this uber powerful vampire named Gregor steps forward claiming Cat is his bride, and Cat has no memory of this guy whatsoever.  Cue male macho ism as Gregor and Bones fight for Cat, and she skulks around in the background trying to find a way to break the hold that Gregor has over her.  And believe you me, it’s one doozy of a headlock…

This Side of the Grave:  This one is fairly straightforward:  in order to stop a supernatural species war from breaking out, Cat and Bones need to enlist the help of the queen of the ghouls while keeping Cat’s new found and hellishly freaky abilities a secret.  Neither of which go very well.

One Grave at a Time:  Cat and Bones are married, she’s a full vampire now, and things seem right with the world so they’re looking forward to some well deserved R&R.  But for some reason the souls of humans who die aren’t crossing over to where they need to go, and they’re all coming to Cat for some reason.  So much for that honeymoon.  Time to save the world again.

There are two other books, side stories to the Night Huntress series where Bones’ best friend Spade and his co-ruler find their own mates but they don’t really play into the storyline here so I’ll leave them out for now.

Enjoy folks.