7039218So the latest in Jeaniene Frost‘s Night Huntress Saga is Once Burned, which is the diving block of a new story arch called the Night Prince.

Now if your unfamilair with the world check me out here, and here is the reading list for Jeaniene’s works.

First off, right now as it stands there is no need to read any of the books that have come before this one, although it’s never a bad idea to do so.

Now in the Night Huntress saga, we are introduced to Vlad Dracul, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Tepesh, the man that history remembers as a monster, and that myth turned into Dracula.

Just…don’t say that to his face.  He’s like to burn it off…

So Vlad is a very old, very powerful vampire with the abilities to read human minds, fly, and use fire without getting burned.  He’s cold, ruthless, stubborn, oddly passionate, and he’s met his match in Leila.

Lelia is a mortal with a curse.  When she was young she was badly electrocuted and while it scarred her from temple to right hand, it also left her with some interesting abilities, such as loosing bolts of electricity into anything she touches, seeing people’s worst sins when she touches them, as well as being able to see their past, present and future if she concentrates hard enough.

So when a vampire with a centuries old grudge against Vlad learns of all this, Lelia is abducted and forced to use her abilities to locate Vlad, and she’s also able to communicate with him so he comes to rescue her.

But Vlad isn’t always a nice guy.  And with Leila’s abilities, she can be useful in helping him find his enemy so she’s placed under house arrest at his home, and of course now we cue the sexual tension between the dark broody vampire and the virgin who can finally touch someone without killing them with her power.  Since lightning is a form of fire, Vlad is completely immune to it.  Other vampires will get a jolt when they touch her, humans will go down for the count, but nothing would faze him.

I’m actually really interested to see where this series goes.  By the end of the book the antagonist is assumed dead or disappeared, Lelia’s powers shift for the worse, and I am looking forward to seeing how Vlad’s character shifts towards Lelia in the next book.  We can see a little bit of it here, but he’s such a dark character that we can’t really assume too much at this point.

All in all, enjoy folks.

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