13228336So I’m a big Supernatural buff here, but I admit I don’t go so far as to knowing Jared and Jensen‘s measurements, the names of ALL cast and crew for the show, their birthdays, favorite colors/foods/books etc.  But there is little about the cannon that I do not know, at least up until season 7.

I have all six seasons on DVD, all the book s published to date, and graphic novels.  And the latest on the Supernatural graphic novel crcuit is Supernatural: Dogs of Edinburgh.

Now admittedly, I do not own this one…yet.  Kinda between paychecks, but it will be mine!  I was however able to read a few pages here and there at work over my break for a few days until I had read it all.

And it’s not as good as the others.  I found a lot of stuff not making sense, and having to go back and re-read a page or two to see if I missed something.

But the story starts while Sam is in school at Stanford, and he goes on a bit of an exchange program and meets a woman in Scotland who is also a hunter, and what do they do?  They hunt together.  They take out a very old and powerful man…creature…thing….and his pack of …dogs?  We’re never told what the creature was that they killed, or weather the pack of hounds it/he controlled were real or supernatural or what.  So minus one point each there.

So they eliminate what we assume to be a threat, party for a bit, Sam flies home and fast track a few years after the death of their daddy and the girl contacts him for the first time since he left her.

Now she wants him to come back and help her track something down.  But she doesn’t tell him what.  She doesn’t meet him.  She leaves him all these clues and lets him flounder around on his own, try and find her, and get attacked by one of these things in the process, when we still don’t even know what they are.

Sam calls Dean, realizing he needs help, and stuff wraps up really quickly from here.  Not going into specifics after this because I don’t want to spoil the end for those who actually want to read it, but its all really quick and jumbled.  I mean, once Dean comes into the picture, the girl suddenly pops up saying she killed the head of the group of creatures they were hunting!  What?  Where dafuq did that come from?!?

It was a good story, but not put together very will.  I’ll be adding it to my collection if for no other reason than my collection would not be complete without it.  Take from that what you will, and with luck you’ll enjoy it more than me.

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