13414615I really need to stop reading things I know I don’t have 100% context on…

So the latest in my reading gambit has been the 10th book in the Supernatural novel adaptations, Supernatural: Rite of Passage.

Like the rest of the books (visit me here for a complete list) Rite of Passage is a side story of the brothers hunting down random baddies around the main story lines of the televised series.

Here they are investigating a series of large and small scale accidents in Smalltown USA, and it turns out they’re hunting a bad luck mojo generating creature of Japanese mythology called an Oni.  Onis thrive on death and destruction, and enjoy causing mayhem wherever they go.  For example this particular Oni causes a pedestrian bridge-full of pedestrians-to collapse onto a busy highway, a umpteen-number car crash pile up at the main intersection, the collapse of a packed stadium, plus numerous other small freak accidents like breaking your neck falling down stairs.  And this Oni is in town for a very special reason: he’s a bachelor who has finally decided to settle down and start a family of his very own.  D’awwwwww…….

Now the only creature that an Oni really fears is another Japanese creature called an Obake.  Apparently Obake’s can take animal form and protect humans.  Thankfully, unbeknownst to Sam and Dean, they have an Obake on their side who jumps in at the last to help them take down the Oni, but it kind of comes out of left field.  I mean, you figure it out as you read it, but despite the boys having contact with the Obake in animal form and knowing something is different about this animal, they get all shocked when it shows up to save the day.  And when it does save the day it runs off with a human girl to be her pet.  Umm yeah.  Tad too random there.  Would have liked a little more info on Obake’s and a some more air time for the local Obake who saved their asses.

But I liked for what it was.  A fun little adventure featuring two of my favorite characters from TV Land.  The only problem is that this installment takes place during season 7, of which I have seen like the first 3 episodes.  So I spoiled some of the season for myself as I read this, but fortunately nothing earth shattering or enough to keep me from watching the series now.

Enjoy folks.

Coming up: Leaping Hearts by J.R. Ward

31848773A beautiful young woman with a defiant spirit, A. J. Sutherland spends a small fortune on a horse with a wild reputation, and is forced to sacrifice her position at her family’s stables to keep him. She plans to ride the magnificent stallion in the biggest event of the show jumping season—and she knows she can win. But without the backing of Sutherland Stables, A. J. must rely on a stranger to help her: a man who makes her heart pound, her head spin . . . and who just happens to be a legend in equestrian circles.

When Devlin McCloud’s career was cut short by a tragic accident, he never expected to get back in the ring. But when A. J. asks him to be her trainer, he finds he cannot resist the chance—or his stunning new employer. And what begins as a business arrangement soon becomes something deeper, as Devlin and A. J. learn that even in a sport full of hazards, sometimes the most dangerous thing to risk is one’s heart.