10454982Ah Dungeons and Dragons.  Once the proverbial chastity belt for young geek boys everywhere, now a ticket to united utopia.

Seriously, I’m a sucker for a D&D 3.5.  Spout me those stats over poetry and I’m putty in your hands.

So here we have here Shadowplague, the first in a new graphic novel series from Dungeons and Dragons, the first we have seen in a long, long time.

Granted, Wizards of the Coast has put out stuff along the lines of D&D such as the Legend of Drizz’t graphic novels, but nothing standing alone on the merits of the god of geekdom for a long, long time.

Thankfully, Shadowplague does not disappoint.  Mostly.

The story follows your semi-standard dungeon delving team of strong and noble human warrior, agile and wise elven ranger, proud and boisterous dwarven paladin, nimble and sarcastic halfling rogue, and a mysterious teifling spell caster on a quest for personal justice as they plumb ancient dwarven depths, looking to stop the invasion of the Shadowrealm into their world.

Full of laugh out loud moments and tongue in cheek humor, Shadowplague is full of fun and adventure.  Only downfall to it is that there is a fair amount of magical mechanization going on, and not a lot of explanation, or else ones that make sense.

Ah well.  Plenty of time to make that up in the next installment.

Enjoy folks.

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