He was feeling vulnerable just then, cuffed spread eagle to the bed as he was.  He was at her mercy and they both knew it.  He was afraid, but excited.  He could normally tell her mood from the cloth she used to bind him, but today she had thrown him a curve ball: handcuffs.  So instead he explored the material that covered the cold steel by rotating his wrists and ankles in hopes of identifying it.  But aside from discerning that the cuffs were firmly in place, he couldn’t tell anything else about that which bound him.

Lying still, he allowed himself to relax as much as possible, waiting for her.  Even though he couldn’t see through the cloth around his eyes, he knew she was still in the room, he could feel her presence though she made no noise or movement.  So he lay there, waiting, listening, straining his senses to try and locate her.

Then, just as he was beginning to wonder if maybe he was wrong, maybe she had left, he felt her fingers lightly brush the bottom of his foot.  The touch was feather light, and he shivered.  Her fingers slowly traced the contours of his foot, and slowly-oh so slowly-traveled up his leg.  His skin tingled with every inch her fingers covered, trailing bits of warmth that too quickly dissipated.

It seemed an age and an instant until her fingers reached his hip, and here they played across his lower stomach and pelvis a moment before continuing up, taking even more time as they danced across his stomach and chest.  Soon enough a second pair of fingers joined the first, and his breathing came a little more quickly now, his skin a bit flushed and only grew warmer as her hands began to stroke and caress every inch of his body.

Chest, arms, neck, nothing was left unscrutinized, unexplored by those soft, pleasantly warm hands.  Even the contours of his face were not neglected as she gently caressed his lips and stroked his face.  His body trembled as he fought to hold still when her hands returned to his chest and he suddenly felt the moist softness of her lips join the dance.

Her lips now followed the path her hands had taken before them as she began kissing him.  Her hands continued to travel, unnoticed, until they began to circle and caress his nipples.  His body started to writhe as she continued her exquisite torture of his body, then he felt wetness envelop one nipple and he gasped as she swirled her tongue around, gently suckling and nibbling on the one before moving onto the other.  He arched his back and moaned, then heard a soft, husky voice whisper in his ear.

“Easy love.  You have given me much pleasure.  Now it’s my turn.  Just lie back and enjoy.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced as her lips met his.  Their tongues explored each other’s mouths, and she tasted so sweet to him.  Breaking the kiss, she returned to her torment, only this time her hands were still as her lips and tongue danced slowly but purposefully down his chest, down his stomach, moving ever lower…

This was going to be a long, fun night.